Simonovics condemned the new attack on the Venezuelan treasury by the “El Aissami gang”

Simonovics condemned a new attack on the Venezuelan treasury by the Chavista leadership

Criminal investigator Ivan Simonovic warned through a message on social networks about a new plunder of the public treasury by the Chavismo elite.

Despite Alex Saab’s return to Venezuela, other officials took advantage to set up a multimillion-dollar operation in fraudulent appointments through PDVSA, according to the former political prisoner, including Carmelo Di Grazia from Tarek El Aissamy’s entourage.

,While Alex Saab bears the brunt of it and gains control over the illegal operations of the regime Others take advantage and continue to attack the public treasury through PDVSA, Carmelo Di Grazia, of the Tarek El Aissami and Roger Ramirez gangs.He set up another multi-million dollar “negotiation” in contracts for the purchase of fuel oil and the sale of diesel.he said through his account on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

Simonovics reported that De Grazia escaped justice by operating out of CompassBank to facilitate the multimillion-dollar scams of Roger Ramirez and Pérez Suárez.

The security expert thus condemned the renewed corrupt attack on the treasury, focusing on the banking links that allowed these white-collar crimes to be carried out from the top of the Chavistas, despite declarations of the fight against corruption.


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