Since in the Tri they ignore it, the new work of Hugo Sánchez, they saw it with Benzema

The new work of Hugo Sánchez
The new work of Hugo Sánchez

In the Mexican team they ignored him, although many times, Hugo himself has given advice and tries to be a contribution, although they pay attention to him. On ESPN, Hugo Sanchez He questioned the Tri issue and pointed him out as Martino’s potential replacement, but it didn’t happen.

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However, in Mexico the issue of Hugo’s ego generates more controversy, a situation for which his profile may have been lowered and he is not paid much attention to. But now Hugol has a new job. This is how the soccer player, considered the best of all Mexicans, appeared together with Benzema.

According to the ESPN report, Hugo Sánchez will be in charge of being the interviewer of a documentary that will be broadcast by STAR. The series called Hugo Sánchez presents will focus on interviewing soccer people.

What does Benzema do together with Hugo Sánchez?

The former 9 del Tri was seen interviewing the French striker of the Real Madrid. Just like this interview, this series will have multiple guests, from Mexican players to famous people.

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