“Since my accident I say yes to everything in life”: the inspiring story of the young TV presenter who overcame the trauma of his serious spinal cord injury

  • matthew bassett
  • TV Presenter at BBC Wales

Matt at the beach

A trip to the beach changed Matthew Bassett’s life forever. He now has the determination to say yes to everything in life.

Matthew Bassett’s life changed forever on a trip to the beach 11 years ago. Today he is a television presenter and wants to show that life does not end after a serious spinal cord injury.

It started as an ordinary day, but it turned into one that I would never forget.

I was 19 years old and I remember that it was sunny when I arrived at the beautiful seaside town of Broad Haven in Pembrokeshire, Wales on May 13, 2011. The sea looked glorious and invited to wade in.

I put on my bathing shorts and took off my shoes. I ran to the beach, dove in, and hit my head on a sandbar.

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