“Since they put drugs in my drink, I haven’t gone out again”

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Mia Doshi Prichard

image source, Mia Doshi Prichard


Mia says that after her drink was drugged, she hasn’t gone out at night again.

On the night of January 17, 2020, Mia Doshi Prichard’s life changed forever.

She intended to remember it as another night of going out dancing and enjoying with her friends. But the evening ended up being so traumatic that, two years later, she still doesn’t go out at night.

Mia was drugged in her drink, a practice that according to a recent report by the Home Affairs Committee – a group of parliamentarians in the United Kingdom – can have long-term consequences, with “lasting repercussions on the lives of the victims”.

“In the months that followed, I had panic attacks“said the 21-year-old in tears on the radio program Newsbeat from the BBC.

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