Sinead O’Connor in talks for a biopic

Demi Moore, Saoirse Ronan and Niamh Elgar are said to be set to play the late artist.

According to reports, Sinead O’Connor A few weeks before his death, he was in discussion about a biopic.

musician and activist passed away last month at the age of 56 (July 26), after found unconscious at her london home

but according to Sun , A film based on his 2021 autobiography, Three actresses, including Demi Moore, play the late artist at different stages of his life, memorable.

It was also said that the Little Women actress Saoirse Ronan will star in the film alongside malpractice Niamh Elgar.

A source told the tabloid: “Sinead was keen to explore the possibility of making her memoir into a film and had lots of ideas about how it would look on screen.”

“He had great respect for Demi and after watching her in the TV series, felt that Niamh was a real rising star. virtue , Sinead also thought Saoirse was fierce and that she would love to have her for their film. Brooklyn In 2015 when he played the role of an Irish expat.

“It was clear that Sinead thought highly of the biopic and was interested in being involved in the script.”

During this, bob geldof And deeply concerned they were in the middle who recently paid tribute to O’Connor at his funeral, Whereas A poignant tribute was also erected on the cliffs overlooking his hometown. Designed by Dublin based creative agency The Tenth Man.

The message contained the words ‘Eire’, the Irish name for Ireland, and ‘Sinead’ joined by a heart. Speaking about the inspiration behind the tribute, Richard Seabrook, creative director of the agency, told the show good morning ulster ni se (via) from BBC ) that O’Connor’s death hit him “like a ton of bricks” and felt it was important that “Ireland could say goodbye to the singer”.

murder capital also shared pictures One of them performed one of their songs in a live show commemorating the late singer’s funeral ,

Russell Crowe remembered First got a chance to meet the late artist after his death.

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