Singer Anitta blocks Bolsonaro on Twitter: “Find something to do”

Brazilian singer Anitta blocked the president Jair Bolsonaro On twitter, after an ironic comment from the president about the colors of the Brazilian flag that the artist used in her show at the Coachella festival.

Anittawho has criticized the president before, says he does not want to draw attention to Bolsonaro in an election year.

“I blocked him right away so his account administrators don’t use my social networks to make a ruckus on the internet”justified.

It all started when the pop artist took to the stage of the famous music festival in the United States over the weekend wearing a green, yellow and blue ensemble, a combination present in the national flag that in recent years has been strongly associated with groups that support to Bolsonaro and other right-wing movements.

“The flag of Brazil and its colors belong to the BRAZILIANS. They represent BRAZIL in GENERAL. NOBODY can appropriate the meaning of the colors of the flag of our country,” the singer tweeted after the show, full of references to Brazil and culture of their favelas.

Bolsonaro, who will seek re-election in October, He retweeted her comment and wrote in an ironic tone: “I agree with Anitta”, followed by several emoticons with the Brazilian flag.

“Oh, boy, find yourself something to do, go,” the singer retorted, before blocking the president to prevent further interactions with his account.

“At this time, any demonstration against him by the artists will have a mocking response,” the “opposite side’s strategy has to be to cite his name as little as possible,” Anitta said, justifying the blockade.

Anitta, 29 years old, has 16.7 million followers on Twitter17.9 million on Tik Tok and 61.5 million on Instagram.

Amid the success of her Spanish-language reggaeton “Envolver,” which took her to the top of Spotify’s global ranking last month, the Brazilian repeatedly addressed 16- to 18-year-olds in her country urging them to sign up for being able to vote against Bolsonaro.

“I position myself as a citizen and as an artist. And I will continue to do so, regardless of who is in government. If it is not being done well, I will be there giving my opinion,” Anitta said in a recent interview with AFP.

“In the current situation, Brazil needs many changes, starting with a change of government,” he added.

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