singer returns to work after twice marrying Ben Affleck

The singer recalled with a moving message how difficult it was for her to succeed as a “low-income Latina”.

Jennifer Lopez returns to work after being twice married to Ben Affleck this summer and has an important message for her children and women who want to succeed in business.

The singer took the stage to share a speech in which she recalled how difficult it was for her to break into the industry as a “Low Income Latina”.

After a well-deserved vacation with her children and Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez appeared in public to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

As in 2021, the actress met in Los Angeles with Hispanic businesswomen to talk about their experiences in the business world.

“What I saw growing up was that it was very, very difficult for people like us low-income Latinos, especially women, to access capital”Admitted Jennifer Lopez at the Raising Latina Voices conference.

“We are still 60% less likely to receive loans from national banks and that is fundamentally unfair, un-American and makes the promise of the ‘American dream’ partially hollow”Jennifer Lopez said firmly.

The actress took the stage with Andrea Jung, President and CEO of the Grameen America organization, and spoke to approximately 400 Hispanic businesswomen.

“Today I want to make sure I make that promise to everyone in this country, making sure that people who look like me or come from places like where I come from have the same opportunities”he continued.

In addition to the words addressed to the businesswomen present and who came from all over the United States, Jennifer López took the opportunity to send a message to her children:

“The best advice I can give my children is that you can be whoever you think you can become. Find that within you and don’t give up. Learn from other successful people, then take those ideas, refine them, and personalize them. Listen to your parents, they’re not as clueless as they seem when you’re 14.”

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