Singer Tamara opened up about the severe depression she suffered

At the age of 39, he has had an artistic career spanning almost 25 years. Tamara Valcarcel, better known as Tamara, started her professional career with ‘Starfall’. And, at the age of 15, she published her first album, named ‘Thank You’. Now, the artist is dedicated to music, a passion she combines with her family side.

Tamara married businessman Daniel Roque in 2005, with whom she has four children. Although life has smiled on him professionally and personally, the Sevillian has also had to go through tough times since He suffered from depression a few years ago And has confessed that his youngest son is autistic.

Some setbacks have not stopped the Spanish queen of the bolero from remaining dedicated to her audience, as she demonstrated a few days ago in Barcelona, ​​where she performed at the SaludFestival, International Festival of Food and Health Advertising and the Best Hotel Awards . We talked to the granddaughter of singer Rafael Farina there.

Soon: How do you assess your career?

Tamara: I have just turned 24 as a singer and I am very happy. I feel the public loves me a lot and I am looking forward to doing something special on the silver wedding anniversary.

Question: What do you like?

Tea.: Many things have been thought of. I want to release an album in late 2024 and, since the anniversary will run from October that year to October 2025, I’m planning to do a very special concert.

Tamara with her husband, Daniel Roque, and their four children, Daniela, Leandro, Valentina and Hector.

“My husband and I both agree”

Q: You went through a depressive phase. How are you?

Tea.: I contracted it six or seven months after giving birth to my younger son, Hector, who has mild autism, and was very ill for two years. At the time, mental health was a taboo subject and not talked about as much as it is now, although I never had a problem talking about it. You enter a complex loop, although you can get out.

Q: Tell us about your role as a mother of four children?

Tea.: I have to say that my husband and I both agree, but he agrees even more. I am more strict in some things, like studies. Dani gets bitches faster than me, ha, ha, ha. I buy them everything but what they need. My husband, no nonsense.

Q: Apart from singing, you have participated in ‘MasterChef Celebrity’. Would you dare do this to another? reality,

Tea.: I am not much realities, Although ‘The Masked Singer’ would excite me, I find it funny.

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