Singer Victoria Monet opens up about her lesbian past with Kehlani

After years of waiting (as our favorite celebrities have accustom us to), Victoria Monet has confirmed she was romantically involved with LGTBI icon Kehlani. interviewed on podcast high Low by Emily Ratajkowski, Victoria shared stories about their gay past, their bisexuality and the liberation of coming out.

“When I Was Pregnant, I Remixed It” touch me with kehlaniAnd the song is about that,” he said. Has Victoria Monet just revealed that one of the sexiest songs of all time is about Sapphic love? See saw.

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It’s been rumored for years that Kehlani and Victoria are dating, and Victoria has finally put an end to those speculations. “We’re friends. I’m like that with all my past relationships. I don’t like the idea of ​​someone dying for me, unless they hurt me… I’m over it. I like having an open connection.”

At the beginning of the interview, Victoria also opened up about her sexuality and coming out. This refers to his iconic tweet in which he revealed that he is bisexual.

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,My coming out on Twitter was a rebuttal to an ex who was trying to say we were bisexual. He was dating a woman. When I tweeted, I thought, wait, am I out of the closet? The answers confirmed that he had come out of the closet. This was something she had known about for a long time, so she had not prepared a statement. It was liberating and I felt like I could breathe.”

While composing the songs, he stopped writing pronouns that were not accurate. Even though he wrote songs about a woman, he wrote ‘she’ because he was expected to be attracted to her. It was really liberating, and it opened up another window of creativity for her where she could say what she really felt and be honest.

What a wonderful day to love the ladies! Victoria Monet, we adore you.

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