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resurrection is one of the films in the Official Section of the Sitges Festival. Directed by Andrew Semans and starring Rebecca Hall, the film has turned out to be an experience that is difficult to describe.

What would happen if one day your past knocks on your door again? What if everything you want to forget is reborn?

resurrection tells the story of Margaret (Rebecca Hall), a successful woman with a daughter Abbie (Grace Kaufman) who will soon turn 18 and go off to college. Maggie likes to run in the street and she has a relationship with a married man who doesn’t seem like a bad guy.

So far so good, but one day he sees another man from afar, David (exceptional Tim Roth). That scares her a lot. He alters her destroys your stability and reminds you of past events that he had worked hard to forget.

Resurrection, by Andrew Semans.
resurrectionby Andrew Semans.

resurrection: “Do what I tell you”

An interpretation of what the film wants to tell us could be: how a woman who lived subject to the designs of a man when he was young, he struggles not to do it again when he runs into him again. As a woman who has suffered an unwanted abortion, she struggles to overcome it and not feel guilty for having lost her child. She does not feel guilty as a woman and as a mother as a result of the accusing male gaze.

Both topics are covered in resurrection and they could be represented in a general way from the particular story of their protagonist. The way of posing the first problem is original, fascinating and easy to recognize in your own life.

Because, who has not had some kind of relationship with someone, friend or partner, who has achieved, without one being aware at first, that you do what he/she wanted?

There are people who are like that. People who exercise that power over us. Twisted manipulators, tricksters and blackmailers who simply want to have us at their mercy.

That happened to Margaret, and in resurrection exemplified in a very visual way. David asks Margaret to go barefoot from home to work, and she does.. Perhaps it is necessary to see it in such a graphic way to understand what we have often been subjected to in a relationship or at work.

Rebecca Hall in Resurrection.
Rebecca Hall in Resurrection.

Rebecca Hall and her dark secrets

As I said, that could be an interpretation, although the film goes further and tells us a story that, if we forget about interpretations, would be of the fantastic genre or directly a terrifying story.

Rebecca Hall plays this woman who, from one day to the next, he loses his current life to relive his old life in the worst possible way. Facing the rest, she gives the feeling that she has lost her sanity. That she is sick and needs some kind of treatment. No one knows what he has been through. No one understands why she is like this and she is so protective of her daughter. So much so that his own daughter begins to be afraid of him.

Rebecca Hall gets one of her best performances putting himself in the shoes of that woman under the influence. She does an extraordinary job. Of a brutal complexity. She defends a very hard monologue in an uncut close-up that gives goosebumps. Just to see her work would be worth seeing the movie.

Rebecca Hall in Resurrection.
Rebecca Hall in Resurrection.

resurrection: Lights and shadows

Even with the incredible performance of Rebecca Hall and the disturbing character of Tim Roth, the film is uneven. The reason? It needs more explanatory images instead of dialogues. It needs to be more cinema in that sense. Much of what his characters tell could have been more interesting (and more expensive) if they had shown it to us in pictures.

That everything is explained with dialogue can bore some, disconnect others and slow down the pace of the film. A pity considering that its end is exciting, surprising and manages between the world of reality and that of imagination.

Here’s a piece of information: resurrection It is a film that I liked much more remembering it than seeing it.

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