Six aid checks in the USA of up to US$3,200 dollars that will come out this September

Six states have decided on their own to issue stimulus checks to deal with rising prices in the United States and will send residents direct payments from the beginning of September.

Among the states that have taken this initiative is Alaska, where a direct payment of US$3,200.00 has already been approved, which combines energy aid and the dividend from the state’s Permanent Fund.

Residents of Hawaii and Virginia will also benefit from the sending of tax refunds that depend on the declared income and the payment of the tax obligations of each taxpayer.

For their part, Colorado residents will receive checks for US$750.00 and US$1,500.00 for couples who have jointly filed their state taxes. This will be possible thanks to the fiscal surplus of this US territory.

The state of Illinois has also begun to help its most needy residents by issuing tax refunds. It will be US$50.00 for those who earn less than US$200,000.00 a year. And double that amount, that is, US$100.00 for couples of taxpayers who declared jointly. Certain families could receive up to US$300.00.

Minnesota frontline workers who have applied for direct payments will receive their checks after the official amount of the check is announced by the State. Which should happen in the next few hours.

Assistance checks in Florida? Ron DeSantis Blames Stimulus Checks for Current US Inflation

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis also announced his payment plan after previously raising his major “concern about stimulus checks.”

The Republican said at a press conference last March that the stimulus payments sent during the Biden Administration contributed to triggering current inflation in the United States.

However, Florida will have its own aid program. The money to finance the stimulus plan of the southern state reaches US$35.5 million. According to Fortune magazine, this money comes from federal pandemic relief funds, initiated with the American Rescue Plan Act.

The $450 checks in Florida?

About 60,000 Floridians who meet the established requirements will automatically receive a payment of US$450.00.

The checks should have arrived on August 7, according to the Florida Department of Children and Families. However, in many cases these payments were delayed. This help is part of the program called “Hope Florida – A Pathway to Prosperity”.

Governor Ron DeSantis wrote in a letter:

“This one-time payment can be used for anything from buying diapers to self-sufficient fuel.”

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