Six benefits of mammy that you may not know

Mammy or Sapote is an exotic fruit that has various properties, which helps in treating eye and digestive problems, as well as promoting weight loss.

These properties are due to the fact that mammy contains compounds with antioxidant potential, such as beta-carotene and phenolic compounds. Due to its sweet taste, mamey, for example, can be consumed as a whole fruit or as a juice. Also, its bone or seed can be used to make oil.

1. Take care of eye health

Mammy is rich in beta-carotene, a type of carotene that has great antioxidant power, as the body metabolizes it and converts it into vitamin A. This vitamin aids in the production of various pigments in the retina that help in photoreception and night vision. In addition, it prevents a disease called macular degeneration, which is related to age, cataract and night blindness.

2. Increase the body’s defenses

Because it has immunomodulatory properties, vitamin A participates in the growth, renewal and strengthening of the body’s defense cells, helping to fight off viruses, bacteria and fungi.

In addition, it also contains vitamin C, a micronutrient that improves the proliferation of the body’s defense B and T cells and promotes the production of white cells, known as lymphocytes and phagocytes, which Help the body fight against pathogenic microorganisms.

3. Promote Weight Loss

Mammy is a fruit that provides a good amount of fiber, increases the feeling of satiety and helps in reducing appetite, thereby helping in weight loss.

In addition, vitamin A promotes weight loss by inhibiting the build-up of fat cells in the body and increasing brown adipose tissue, a type of fat that speeds up metabolism, eliminating body fat and stimulating weight loss.

4. Improve digestion

The fiber present in mammy accelerates the intestinal transit and increases the bulk of the stool, which helps in the passage of stool along with adequate water intake.

5. Take care of skin health

The beta-carotene contained in mammy helps protect the skin from sunburn, prevents the formation of wrinkles and skin cancer, as well as delays premature aging of the skin. This is mainly due to its powerful antioxidant property, which helps prevent free radical damage to skin cells due to oxidative stress.

6. Keep hair healthy

Mammy Bone Oil provides vitamins A, C and carotene, nutrients that help maintain healthy and hydrated hair, as well as protect follicles from free radical damage.

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