Six Foods That Can Help You Reduce Fatty Liver

Before starting? It should be noted that this article is not about a diet to cleanse or detoxify the liver, something that cannot be done, as we explained earlier in this article. The simple reason this is not possible is that the liver does not contain poisons; In short, its function is to reduce all toxic substances entering the body into harmless metabolic substances, such as substances emitted from alcohol or tobacco smoke, for example.

Why is liver cleansing a myth?


Now, the liver runs into trouble when it has to do extra processing to break down toxins or complex substances like fat. If we keep it under constant stress from toxins, sugars, saturated fats, and other products that our body rejects, it will begin to store fat in its cells, called hepatocytes, and, in a vicious cycle, These will start functioning worse and hence increase the fat droplets inside.

Thus, our liver will eventually become diseased with what we know as non-alcoholic fatty liver (NAFLD). If stress and subsequent fat accumulation in the liver is caused by excessive alcohol consumption, we will call it alcoholic fatty liver (AFL). It is a disease that in its most severe aspects will lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer due to liver scarring and inflammation until it becomes useless. Symptoms of NAFLD are practically non-existent in the early stages of the disease, usually appearing once it has progressed to a certain extent.

Blood tests that show high results in transaminases without determining hepatitis can rule it out, as well as the person’s permanent fatigue, yellow eyes, and in general the same symptoms that hepatitis presents. But the final test is the biopsy – the diagnosis should always be made by a qualified professional. However, a study led by the Instituto de Investigatio Sanitaria per Virgili (IISPV) of Tarragona and published in the prestigious scientific journal metabolism, made it possible to identify succinate as a new biomarker present in the blood. That is to say, if this substance comes up in any analysis, the likelihood of NAFLD is high.

30% affected in Spain

A 2007 review by primary care doctors in the Barcelona area suggested that 25% of Europeans and 30% of Spaniards have NAFLD due to a poor diet rich in ultra-processed products. The data are supported, fifteen years later, by the American Heart Association, which considers it to be the silent pathology with the highest risk and top-level public health issue.

On top of alcohol consumption, which certainly does not play in its favor, the main causes would be a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, type 2 diabetes and poor diet – which in turn is the germ of obesity and type 2 diabetes. -, according to the American College of Gastroenterology. Research in this regard has been published in the journal Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology Last year a link between fast food and liver health was demonstrated.

But, amidst all these statistics, there is good news: Fatty liver, if it does not reach severe stages, can be reversed; The liver can ‘thin’ and regain its full functionality and integrity, meaning it can regenerate. It doesn’t require any cleansing regimen of apple and lemon juice and olive oil. It is recommended that we remove or reduce the products in our diet that damage our liver – alcohol, animal fats, sugars, ultra-processed foods, etc. – and promote those that help it. Can help revitalize, provide relief from processing excess toxins. ,

And other good news: Adding some of the following foods (or all of them) to your diet is an effective way to combat it. It must be said that these foods are not curative measures, but we should keep them as frequently consumed products if we do not want to have NAFLD again. Furthermore, all treatments and regimens should always be under the supervision and monitoring of a health professional.

Foods to Deal with Fatty Liver

eggsEggs are a food with an unfairly bad reputation when it comes to cardiovascular health, as they not only provide no LDL cholesterol but they also contain the compound choline. A study conducted on women by scientists in China showed that a diet deficient in choline increases the risk of NAFLD. In another study in which several individuals were given a low-choline diet, 80% of them saw liver damage that was reversed when choline was reintroduced into their diet. It should be said that two eggs a day cover 50% of the choline requirements of adults.

Broccoli: Exactly the same thing happens with eggs, it is rich in choline. But it also contains a compound called sulforaphane, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory that protects the liver from cancer.

cod: We have already talked on another occasion about the properties of cod liver oil as being rich in omega-3 fatty acids, but now it’s time to point out that cod meat is rich in choline.

cow or chicken liver: In addition to many vitamins and anti-inflammatory compounds, the liver of these animals is exceptionally rich in choline, so a fillet can provide the amount we need.

add spice to foodIn fact, it is not a food but a spice that not everyone can tolerate but it has great properties due to the capsaicin compound, which, according to a study published in OpenHeart, is an interesting hepatoprotector.

soy: Undoubtedly all types of legumes will have a very positive effect on a healthy diet, which the liver will appreciate, as will walnuts, leafy vegetables and all types of vegetables. There is no point eating lots of eggs, broccoli or cod without these in the diet. But soybeans stand out as being particularly rich in choline. We can eat it as a drink or in its solid forms: edamame, tofu, tempeh, seitan, etc.

Rice and pasta from the day before and reheated: As we explain in this article, cooked carbohydrates, cooled overnight and then reheated, produce compounds known as resistant starch. According to recent research in the journal, it not only helps you lose weight and can also help prevent type 2 diabetes by controlling free sugar. cell metabolism, May reduce hepatic triglycerides and liver enzymes associated with liver injury and inflammation (NAFLD). Another food that contains resistant starch that does not require cooking or freezing is bananas.

Remember that these foods do not cleanse or purify the liver; They only contribute to reducing inflammation and doing their job better, preventing the accumulation of fat in your cells. Hence, NAFLD. On the other hand, they cannot be the central axis of your diet; The point is that they do exist, but along with the other healthy foods mentioned above and which would include white poultry and oily fish in small quantities would be advisable. Dairy products in moderate consumption can also contribute to a healthier and more balanced diet.

And finally, we must not forget that the main culprits of NAFLD are the abuse of sugary products, carbonated drinks, pastries or red meat and animal fats. We should also not forget the importance of daily exercise, whether intense or moderate.


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