Six gas stations that OCU recommends as the cheapest after analyzing more than thirty

For many drivers, choosing an accessible gas station when filling up is important. High fuel prices cause a real headache for those who live until the end of the month or for those who just want to save money.

In this sense, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) published the findings of a study on the solvency of families, in which it warns that Up to 54% of Spaniards experience serious difficulties paying for their carincluding fuel.

Along with this finding, the study pointed to gas stations that are cheaper on average. The OCU study, which was conducted based on prices more than 10,000 service stationspoints to Bonarea as the cheapest network of diesel and 95 octane petrol with supermarkets and service stations in Catalonia and neighbouring regions.

They are followed by low-cost automated chains Gas Express, Plenoil And GM oil (related to GM cash). Petroprix And E. Leclerc They also stand out for their low prices, especially for 95 gasoline.

Compared to cheaper gas station chains, OCU places Cepsa, BP, Repsol, Petronor and Campsa as the most expensive, both diesel and gasoline. When choosing between one or the other, the organization notes that the user can save up to 0.18 euros per liter, that is, about 9 euros for a 50-liter refill.

The study also found significant price differences across provinces depending on the proportion of low-cost gas stations. Lleida, Cordoba, Murcia and Almeria They top the ranking. Most Expensive ProvincesBalearic Islands, Asturias and GipuzkoaAt the same time, gas stations are on average 5% more expensive.

Power plant prices

When it comes to charging an electric vehicle battery, the PCU warns that the price difference between power stations is even greater. For example, ultra-fast charging (over 100 kWh) from the grid. Veiletthe cheapest, costs 25% less than online. ionicity, mask. This is using each company’s own application. Because if, for convenience, you use a search application that supports payment in different networks, the price becomes significantly more expensive: a 47% premium with Plugserfin25% off Charge cards and 21% from Electric cards.

Obviously, The best option is to always charge your car at home.: The cost of charging 50 kWh from the home grid during off-peak hours is 5 euros, compared to more than 20 euros that would cost on average at a power station.

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