Skid Row postpones tour “out of extreme concern for Eric Grönwall’s health”

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health problems of Eric Gronwallcurrent singer of skid RowDue to which the New Jersey band’s scheduled tour has been postponed buckcherrylyrics of “Most concerned about health” As a worrying reason for this postponement of the singer.

It was supposed to be the third leg of a North American tour to present the album. ‘The Gang’s All Here’Eric’s debut with the band has been postponed until next March, causing concern among followers who are concerned about the fragile health of the singer, who has pushed back his fight to 2022. acute leukemia that was diagnosed In spring 2021.

Information has come that the tour has been postponed. to network with these words: “Out of concern for the health and well-being of one of our own Skid Row vocalist Eric Grönwall, the band has decided to postpone the third leg of their highly anticipated US and Canada tour, originally scheduled for October 2023. By March 2024″.

The singer has apologized to everyone affected by the postponement, and has given the first details of the problem that has kept him off the stage on this occasion: “I want to apologize to all the fans, promoters, Buckcherry and the Skid Row team, and my bandmates. My immune system is still partially damaged due to the stem cell transplant I received on August 12, 2021, which resulted in a long stay Could.” The time has come to overcome infections and during them fitness also declines. It will improve with time and until then all I can do is roll with the punches and make sure I have a better balance in terms of rounds.”

Although the first publication Gronwall’s network Regarding this new obstacle, he did not provide further details and raised the concern of his followers. Finally, hours later, we had a second message, explaining with a sense of humor that he was suffering from an illness. Throat infection, “We kept moving forward despite the blows”Grönvall started. “You have to know when to endure them and when to avoid them. We need the downs to be humble and appreciate the wins. I can’t wait to get back on the stage and feel invincible again. Like As soon as the strength comes, I will meet you later.”, These words were later followed by the following: “The next song is called: Strep Throat Gas Station Blues. It goes something like this: “Dududududu. I woke up this morning. Dududududu…you know the rest.”

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