Sky and NOW: the main news from 24 to 30 October


October is almost coming to an end, but this does not mean that it is not confirmed as a month full of news brought by Sky and NOW. Between TV series and films, the schedule will expand considerably, leaving viewers glued to the screen. Let’s find out together the main new titles that will be available from 24 to 30 October 2021.


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Sunday 24th October


From France, a story of friendship and education with François Cluzet (Almost friends). Cécile, 10, moves to the south of France with her mother Louise, but integration with the other children in the village is not easy. When a passing circus stops in their country, Cécile discovers that Poly, a pony, is being abused and decides to protect him and organize his escape. Pursued by the circus director and the mysterious Victor, Cécile and Poly embark on a journey full of twists and turns.


So paradoxically different in appearance and character, but so damn the same in talent. The film tells the rivalry and respect between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird which began in the 1979 NCAA championship and which then characterized their entire career in the NBA, of which they were the symbols in the 80s. the first days of their rivalry up to their current friendship, the documentary narrates precisely this, through interviews also with family members and sports journalists. The documentary also explores aspects of racial issues as a fundamental and important part of the competition between Magic and Bird.


A fascinating tale of the creative and romantic story between screenwriter Harold Michelson and his wife Lillian film researcher, a talented couple considered the heart of Hollywood. Harold and Lillian worked on hundreds of iconic films during Hollywood’s golden years, including The Graduate, Full Metal Jacket and Star Trek. Through the mix of love letters, film clips and heartfelt conversation with the couple, Danny De Vito, Mel Brooks, Francis Ford Coppola and others, this documentary highlights their special relationship and the professional story of two people who have spanned six decades of cinema history.

Monday 25th October


Premieres on Sky and NOW in October a brand new SHOWTIME production starring Maura Tierney and Jeff Daniels, inspired by Philipp Meyer’s novel American Rust and described as a family drama that will explore the American dream from the point of view of Police Chief Del Harris (Daniels). United States of America. In the area known as the Rust Belt, the infamous “Rust Belt”, and more precisely in southwestern Pennsylvania, the troubled and compromised local police chief Del Harris finds himself on his hands a rather hot case that is destined to put a strain on his private life, as well as the life of the small community to which he belongs. A community full of secrets and “good people” who for one reason or another find themselves making bad choices. It seems, in fact, that the son of the woman he loves is guilty of a heinous murder. What will Del, a man, as well as a representative of the law, choose to do, well aware that idealism does not fit reality, especially in that area of ​​the USA that seems to have been forgotten by everything and everyone? What to hope for when even the American Dream has become nothing more than a pile of dust?


Benicio Del Toro, Don Cheadle, Ray Liotta and Jon Hamm in Steven Soderbergh’s gangster movie, set in 1950s Detroit. A group of mediocre criminals must carry out a seemingly simple heist: stealing a document. However, the plan goes up in smoke and, in the search for the principal, the gang ends up exploring the various ranks of a city torn by racial conflicts.


A look at the practice of exorcism that tells the daily life of those who deal with this custom, in a difficult combination of ancient traditions and modern habits. The documentary took three years of research and found its fulcrum in a 77-year-old friar who is literally besieged by family members of people who are believed to be possessed by the Devil.


It is the most famous protest song in the world, it resounds from the streets of Baghdad and Beirut, to those of Rio de Janeiro and Rome. Born as an anti-fascist anthem of the Italian partisans in the Second World War, it has spread all over the world, even becoming part of the soundtrack of the famous fiction “La casa di Carta”, one of Netflix’s most popular series. Here’s how “Bella Ciao” became the anthem of rebels and resistance around the world.

Tuesday 26th October


Liv Ullmann directs Jessica Chastain, Colin Farrell and Samantha Morton in the adaptation of Johan August Strindberg’s novel. Late nineteenth century. Taking advantage of the absence of her father’s baron, Countess Julie dances with a gamekeeper, under the incredulous eyes of her father’s servant, John. His attention then shifts to John who succumbs to Julie’s game of seduction, confessing his love for her. John’s partner, cook Kathleen, assists between grief and contempt. Only in the morning, when the baron returns, the tragedy will be consummated.

Wednesday 27 October


The iconic GOSSIP GIRL is back, one of the most loved and followed teen drama of the last two decades, arriving on Sky and NOW with the highly anticipated new series set in the same narrative universe as what is now a true pop culture classic . A new, increasingly fluid and multicultural generation of students is ready, in fact, to take possession of the corridors, classrooms and above all the stairway of the most “in” private school on the Upper East Side. On October 27, the hugely popular “news source on the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite” will debut on Sky Series and streamed on NOW with the much-talked-about sequel, which with record ratings in the USA – where it became the best debut of the year on HBO Max – has just been renewed for a second season. Divided into two parts, with the second set to debut in the United States and on Sky in November, the first season of the new series will be offered on Sky and NOW without interruption.


The path of the X Factor competitors towards Thursday’s Live. In the first appointment, we start with the artist propositions: each competitor will present to judge and producer the repertoire of their best songs, including covers and unreleased songs, a fundamental moment for them to get to know the members of their team better and start outlining the musical path to live. And then, in the following weeks, the rewatch of the previous live performances with their judge, the assignment of the new song, the rehearsals in the hall, the construction of the song and the performance day after day until the stage is switched on for rehearsals. in the studio. To punctuate the story there will be the emotions of the competitors expressed with their smartphones.


Second feature film by Andrea De Sica (also director of the Baby series) directed by Alice Pagani and Rocco Fasano in a fantasy-horror teen movie, based on the novel by Chiara Palazzolo. The love between Robin and Mirta seems to end in tragedy in an abandoned quarry, but the girl wakes up transformed into a creature that feeds on human flesh.


From small Liverpool clubs to the world stage, Paul McCartney has dedicated his life to the music industry. Not only did he dominate the airwaves around the world with the Beatles, but he also climbed the charts with the Wings and his solo work. However, the life of this great artist has not always been fascinating and he has lived through extremely dark days. To discover the story of one of the most precious musical icons of the music scene, all that remains is to watch this documentary.

Thursday 28th October


After six months of investigating the unfortunately vain search for 17-year-old Julie Vinding – who disappeared into thin air as she was returning home from a party in the suburbs of Copenhagen – Detective Jan Michelson is removed from the case by his superiors, now sure that the girl is dead. Michelson, however, does not give up, and continues to investigate in great secrecy, and in doing so he learns of the disappearance of another seventeen-year-old, a young woman named Natasha who is also blonde and looks like Julie. Too bad Natasha disappeared ten years ago. Yet Michelson doesn’t take long to find his body, which makes him regain the trust of his bosses and, above all, reopens the Vinding case. This time, however, he will have to work with profiler Louise Bergstein. The kidnapping of a third girl, Emma Holst, leaves no doubt: there is a serial killer in action, and you have to find him before it’s too late.


From Thursday 28 October the live shows of X Factor 2021 will start. After the selections, composed the rosters of the four judges Emma, ​​Hell Raton, Manuel Agnelli, Mika, 12 artists get ready for the starting blocks in the Repower Theater in Assago (Milan) for the live shows of this new edition, unprecedented as never before: Ludovico Tersigni, one of the protagonists of Skam Italia – a true generational phenomenon that has revolutionized the teen series genre – and a great lover of music: in addition to knowing it and listen to her, play bass and guitar and have a band; and then, the novelty in the mechanism of the competition, the abolition of the subdivision into traditional categories, which will lead the judges to take the field in Live with 3 singers for each but without any division by categories of sex, age and musical formation (individuals and the bands), after a choice based exclusively on the musical proposal and artistic planning.


Grandi Maestri is the new series of Sky Arte dedicated to painting that tells the life of great artists through their masterpieces: works that have shaped the imagination of their era and still continue to question our idea of ​​beauty. Accompanying us on this colorful journey will be the voice of Luca Ward together with interviews with major Italian art historians.


After going to the discovery of Hokkaido and umami with Amandine, it is time to get to know the flavors and cultural traditions of the Mediterranean with chef YONI SAADA. To do this, Yoni guides us in Tunisia from the city of Sidi Bou Said to the port of Tunis, the chef takes us on a four-stage journey to discover a cuisine with strong flavors and a vibrant culture. By meeting local chefs and cooking traditional recipes, Yoni takes us to get to know the flavors of Tunisia and the soul of its inhabitants!

Friday 29 October


On Friday 29 October, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the American actress Winona Ryder, Sky Cinema Romance proposes a marathon with 5 films that see her among the protagonists. These are the titles from 14.50: Martin Scorsese’s film, Oscar for costumes, THE AGE OF INNOCENCE starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Michelle Pfeiffer, while Ryder has a supporting role that in 1994 made her get the Golden Globe; the film based on the famous Alcott novel LITTLE WOMEN with Susan Sarandon, Christian Bale and Claire Danes; the generational comedy directed by Ben Stiller YOUNG, CUTE AND UNEMPLOYED with Ethan Hawke; the thrilling YEARS OF MEMORIES with Anne Bancroft and Ellen Burstyn; and the poignant AUTUMN IN NEW YORK with Richard Gere.


Two 12-year-old American girls lure a friend into the woods in Wisconsin and stab her 19 times in an attempt to appease a faceless entity known as Slenderman. Digging deep into this shocking episode, the documentary examines how an urban myth could take root in young impressionable minds, leading to an unspeakable act.

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