SKY announces – Special Maradona, tomorrow’s programming: the press release

With an official statement, Sky has announced a special program for tomorrow, entirely dedicated to Diego Armando Maradona. Here is the press release: “Tomorrow 25 November 2021 will be a year without Diego. On the first anniversary of Maradona’s death, Sky Sport dedicates a special program to the Pibe de Oro, with interviews, documentaries, insights, to celebrate the Argentine champion. Contents available in streaming on NOW and on demand with an entirely dedicated section “.

The new special: “Diego the son of Naples” Diego son of Naples, Diego son of Maradona. A year after his death, the story of how Naples experienced the separation from its favorite son through the words of the eldest son and of all those who “have not seen Maradona” but grew up in the myth, handed down from generation to generation. A special dedicated to the Argentine champion, the immortal symbol of a city that will never forget him. The stadium, the Spanish quarters, the places where Maradona left his mark, the cult of the Idol and the memory of those who, like no other, had the opportunity to experience a unique and profound relationship.

The special, curated by Massimo Ugolini, will be broadcast tonight at 11pm on Sky Sport Football, at midnight on Sky Sport Calcio and tomorrow at 1.45pm and at 5.45pm on Sky Sport Uno, at 2pm, 4pm, 7pm and 10.15pm on Sky Sport Soccer.

“Maradona: death of a D10” Sky programming will continue with a second event not to be missed. We will delve into the depths of the life of the Pibe de Oro, who has been able to become a football legend, despite some extra camp, characterized by vices: The second, unpublished, appointment is with “Maradona: death of a D10” a documentary that investigates how the combination of celebrity, undisputed talent and drug abuse made Maradona “the most extreme man of our time”, consecrating him in legend. On air tomorrow at 9.15 pm on Sky Documentaries, at 10.30 pm on Sky Sport Calcio and at midnight and a half on Sky Sport Uno.

To make this day memorable we will think of the stories of Federico Buffa, who will decant the deeds of the diez in the field. The first focus will be on the historic ride of Mexico 1986, where Diego probably became an absolute legend of this sport: But it will also be an opportunity to review Federico Buffa’s stories dedicated to the former number 10: broadcast on Sky Sport channels and all available on demand. Including Federico Buffa Racconta – World Stories Diegooooooo! (Mexico 1986): Diego’s World Cup, where Maradona scores the best goal in football history and drags Argentina to the conquest of the title. On air tomorrow at 2.15pm and 6pm on Sky Sport Calcio; at 4 pm on Sky Sport Uno.

To enrich this moment of the Buffa-branded Maradona-day, Sky will offer a double unmissable appointment: the story of Diego Armando Maradona, from the beginning to the consecration, of which a particular moment will be analyzed, namely, the goal signed to England in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. An episode and a World Cup that went down in history also for a voice, who narrated that stupendous winning ride. That voice is that of Victor Hugo Morales and this one I will support that of Federico Buffa.

Then the revival of the first episode from which the #SkyBuffaRacconta series started, Federico Buffa tells Maradona – Un diez de cuero blanco: the story of Diego Armando Maradona from the first steps in Buenos Aires to the indissoluble bond with Naples. On air tomorrow at 3.30pm and 7.15pm on Sky Sport Calcio and at 5.15pm on Sky Sport Uno. And “Buffa e Morales – Futbol Stories” which tells the goal that went down in history during Argentina-England of the 1986 World Cup and made even more spectacular thanks to the unrepeatable commentary by Victor Hugo Morales, famous Uruguayan journalist and commentator, protagonist of the meeting with Federico Buffa.

Hence, the final focus will be on the Neapolitan era. An era that has created an indissoluble and unique union between Maradona and Naples and culminated in unforgettable successes, such as the Uefa Cup won in 1989: Finally, in the UEFA series “How we conquered Napoli 1989” it will be possible to relive the triumph of Maradona’s Napoli , winner of the Uefa Cup in 1989. Appointment again tomorrow at 15.15 on Sky Sport Calcio and at 17 on Sky Sport Uno.

In short, the programming is pretty dense: there is really nothing missing from Maradona-day, which more than being the first anniversary of his death, represents above all the affirmation of a legend, he has become the divinity of football. And Sky will testify for you“.

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