Sky TV’s Christmas line-up unveiled: the top festive shows

As the festive season approaches, Sky TV and its streaming service Now is all set to dazzle audiences with a range of festive shows and movies.

from the animated adventures of super mario bros movie For the heart-touching magic of genie, humorous twists of Have a wonderful Christmas On a tour of Robb and Rome versus Lapland, a lively spectrum of entertainment is available.

And – the Sky debut of the critically acclaimed Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

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As for Now (formerly known as Now TV) – Sky’s standalone streaming service is available with three different tiers – Now Entertainment, Now Cinema and Now Sports – Check here for deals and offers running now.

So – here’s some of what’s coming to Sky and Now this festive season:

Robbery before Christmas

Sky Max and NOW are set to premiere a unique Sky Original Christmas special, Robbery before Christmas,

This adorable story revolves around young Mickey Collins, who encounters two very different Santas in the woods.

Robbery before Christmas

One, portrayed by Charismatic James NesbittOne is a cunning bank robber in disguise, while the other, played by timothy spallClaims he has fallen from his sled.

As Mickey attempts to stop the bandits’ robbery, he embarks on an adventure that captures the essence of the Christmas spirit.

With a blend of comedy, drama and festive magic, this special film releasing in late December should be a festive gift for the entire family.

Have a wonderful Christmas

Sky Max and Now Present Have a wonderful Christmasbeloved series expansion Brassic (which returned for Series 5 this year).

Have a wonderful Christmas

This holiday special, airing in mid-December, features Winnie, Erin, Tommo and the rest of the gang engaging in their usual antics. This time, they are preparing for the nativity play like any other.

This episode stars Imelda Staunton And greg davisGuaranteed to be a mix of heart, humor, and holiday chaos.

Never Mind the Buzzcocks: A Christmas Special

prestigious comedy panel show never pay attention to buzzcocks Returns with a festive twist this December on Sky Max and Now.

With celebrity guests and a lineup full of music and merriment, this special promises to be the highlight of the holiday entertainment event.

Celebrity guests include Harry Hill, Leigh-Anne Pinnock And ricky wilson Plus guest appearance DJ Luck & MC Neat, Paul Potts And richie neville Of five fame.

The Unofficial Science of Die Hard and Indiana Jones

Also on Sky Max and Now, a unique gift for movie lovers The Unofficial Science of Die Hard and Indiana Jones,

This Christmas special, special Chris Ramsey, Paul Choudhary, Greg Gemyes and macy adamExplores the science behind the iconic stunts of die Hard And Indiana Jones.

It’s a fun, educational experience that explores what makes these films tick and answers the eternal question – what is die Hard Really a Christmas movie?

Rob and Rome vs Lapland

Comedians Rob and Romesh go on a festive adventure on Sky Max and Now in December Rob and Rome vs Lapland,

Rob and Rome vs Lapland
Photo: Sky/ARTO Rajnan

This special follows the pair as they explore the wonders of Lapland – the realm of elves, reindeer, festive magic and ‘Santa Claus’, Rob and Romesh
They will try their hand at all these jobs to see if there is any Christmas activity that they have the Christmas spirit for

A League of Their Own Christmas Special

In A League of Their Own Christmas SpecialAired on Sky Max and Now in December, Romesh Ranganathan And his merry band includes football legends patrice evra and comedian Rob Beckett.

Expect festive fun, games and a unique visit to Brentford FC where they cook Christmas lunch for the players.

The special promises to be a delightful mix of sports, comedy and holiday cheer, offering a festive twist on the beloved show.

Dynamo Is Dead: A Soul-Searching Journey

Premieres on Sky Max and Now on 14 December, dynamo is dead Provides an in-depth exploration of mental health and well-being.

dynamo is dead

world famous magician dynamo Embarks on a self-discovery journey, meets inspirational figures and creates magic inspired by their stories.

The show concludes with a dramatic and dangerous stunt – Dynamo is buried alive.

Based on a true story

Starring Kaley Cuoco, Chris MessinaAnd tom batemanThis dark comedy thriller revolves around a trio – a realtor, a former tennis star and a plumber – who seize the opportunity to capitalize on America’s obsession with true crime.

Based on a true story

The show is set to be a compelling blend of mystery, comedy and insightful commentary on contemporary culture.


Sky Comedy and Now Present on 7 December loaded, created by Monica HeiseyThese are romantic comedy stars Danielle Vitalis And john pointing,

It’s a story of two different worlds colliding, where romance blossoms against the backdrop of the pressures of modern dating. This rom-com promises to offer a fresh, witty take on relationships and love in the digital age.


Festive film lineup debuting on Sky Cinema and NOW genieA holiday fairy tale comedy from the imaginative mind of richard curtis,

melissa mccarthy Stars as Flora, a genie freed by Bernard, played by Papa Essiedu, whose life is chaotic. This magical journey of love, friendship and the wonders of holidays is all set to enthrall the audiences from 1st December.

super mario bros movie

It also premieres in December super mario bros movie On Sky Cinema and NOW.

The film, which saw huge box-office success in 2023, brings iconic video game characters Mario and Luigi to life in an exciting journey through the Mushroom Kingdom.

Fans and newcomers to the game alike will enjoy this animated adventure.

Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse

miles morales comes back Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-VerseWill premiere on Sky Cinema and Now Cinema in December.

Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse - Sky - Sony
Photo: Sony

Joining Gwen Stacy and a new team of Spider-People, this animated second chapter of the Spider-Verse saga promises to be an action-packed, visually stunning experience.

may december

Scheduled for December 8 on Sky Cinema and Now, may december Stars Julianne Moore, Charles Melton And Natalie Portman,

may december
Photo: Rocket Science / Francois Duhamel

This touching film highlights the life of a couple with wide age differences who face new challenges when a Hollywood actress arrives to study their dynamics.

Christmas Collection: Holiday Classics

Christmas collection on Sky Cinema and Now Cinema brings together favorite holiday movies, including elf, holidayAnd really love,

Available throughout the holiday season, these classics are perfect for cozy nights in, offering laughter, love and the quintessential holiday experience.

The Whale with Steve Backshall

Coming to Sky Nature & Now on 3rd December, Whale with Steve Backshall Offers an awe-inspiring journey into the sea.

Famous adventurers and naturalists steve backshall Freediving with whales and dolphins, highlighting their complex social structures and emphasizing their vital role in the health of the ocean.

Dickens: Phantoms and Fiction:

Sky Arts, available on Sky, Now and more freeview channel 37, Bring in Dickens: Phantoms and Fiction this Christmas.

Documentary in this david harwood dives deep into Charles Dickens’ Supernatural stories, exploring its eerie and atmospheric world.

Through actor readings and archival footage, audiences will be treated to the haunting stories of one of Britain’s greatest writers, offering a unique perspective on his lesser-known works.

Micah Paris: A Gospel Christmas

Micah Paris: A Gospel ChristmasBroadcasting this Christmas on Sky Arts, the show promises to be a heart-warming musical experience.

The concert features soulful performances micah paris A blend of timeless gospel classics with contemporary festival favourites. It’s going to be an exciting celebration of music and holiday spirit.

Christmas on Sky Kids

December is full of festive cheer for young viewers on Sky Kids and NOW.

The lineup includes shows like Kidz Bop: Live Concert Never Stop, Isadora Moon’s Winter MagicAnd Boosnu! christmas special,