SkyShowtime’s Top 20 Movies

The streaming market became a little tighter on February 28, when SkyShowtime began serving Spain and Andorra.

The new platform of streaming condenses content from various international services, as well as a good part of the filmography of legendary studios such as Universal and Paramount.


Streaming wars: are they getting worse?

We’ve gone through SkyShowtime’s catalog of movies to highlight 20 of the best. We try to vary a little, but without a doubt we will have been left out some other hidden gem.

Today, at Hobby Consolas, we highlight 20 of the best films that we can see in the SkyShowtime catalog in Spain.

The SkyShowtime movies we are going to talk about are:

The unstoppable Will Hunting

The chemistry of the fantastic tandem that formed Matt Damon and Robin Williams in The unstoppable Will Hunting It’s movie history.

The film directed by Gus Van Sant is one of those essential tapes that you can enjoy again thanks to SkyShowtime.

If you haven’t seen it yet, Hobby Consoles we suggest you do it to see breathtaking performances.

And as a gift we have a spectacular cast that completes Minnie Driver, Ben Affleck, Stellan Skarsgard and Casey Affleckamong others.

The green Mile

Based on one of Stephen King’s short stories, Frank Darabont takes us to the death row of a 1930s prison.

But neither the jailers on the block nor the other convicts will forget their days with the gigantic “angel” named John Coffey in The green Mile.

mission impossible saga

paramount is one of the big studios that feeds SkyShowtime, so Tom Cruise is a face of the most common in his Catalogue.

You cannot miss, of course, the Mission Impossible saga. adrenaline is something ethan hunt he takes for granted, especially every time he accepts an assignment from the IMF.

Mission Impossible: 10 Things Ethan Hunt Has Done That You Would Never Get

With new franchise movies in the making, reviewing the Mission Impossible saga seems like a very cool plan.

Of course, put on the harness, Tom Cruise is going to go to the limit, and streaming is no exception.

The Mummy

One of the most representative films of the brand new Oscar winner, brendan fraser. The Mummy is one of those films that perfectly represents adventure cinema.

An English librarian, driven by a thirst for discovery, hires an American mercenary to unlock the secrets of an Ancient Egyptian city lost to time and sand…and for good reason.

12 monkeys

A classic sci-fi thriller directed by Terry Gilliam that continues to generate topics of debate after more than a quarter of a century.

12 Monkeys sees a man traveling back in time to try to find a cure for the killer virus that decimated humanity.

Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt They give us brilliant performances in a film that, if you haven’t seen it, will not leave you indifferent.

top gun

Come in, Mr. Cruise, make yourself comfortable. One of the most remembered actor’s films from his early years is top gun.

tony scott turned to Tom Cruise in Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, a flying ace with an ego that won’t fit in the cockpit of his fighter, and who doesn’t pay checks.

Destined for the Top Gun Academy to train with the elite of naval aviation, Maverick must learn about his past to be a better pilot, and person.

A high-flying classic that has generated a tremendous sequel released in 2022 – and that we hope will arrive soon on SkyShowtime.

Saving Private Ryan

And from the skies of the Cold War to the beaches of Normandy in World War II. Saving Private Ryan It is one of the best war movies ever.

However, if there is something that should be highlighted in the Steven Spielberg film, it is that initial section with the Normandy’s landing, that continues to amaze after so long.

the truman show

TO Jim Carrey there is no one who deceives him, except Ed Harriswho spent half his life living a fictional story in a world created exclusively for one person.

A movie within a movie the truman show It’s a little gem of 90’s cinema that everyone should see.

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It’s funny when it should be, dramatic when it needs to be, and it shows the morbid need of a good part of humanity to know about someone’s life.

Peter Weir he put all that in a blender and shaped a fantastic film that is still as enjoyable as the day it was released.

Minority Report

Can you imagine being able to prevent crimes before they are committed? Philip K Dick yes, and Steven Spielberg turned his story into the movie Minority Report.

That’s right, consoles, Tom Cruise returns to find himself with a conspiracy case in the perfect world created under the security of “Precrime”.

We continue with Steven Spielberg, since the director also signs the essential science fiction gem that is ET the extraterrestrial.

A ship leaves behind a small alien on Earth. When young Elliott finds him in his garden, a fantastic bond is forged between them, as well as dangerous.


At the dawn of the new millennium, Ridley Scott threw us into the very sands of the Colosseum in Rome to accompany Russell Crowe in a vendetta that dripped with blood.

gladiator follow Maximum Meridian Tenthformer Roman general, presumed dead after the assassination of Emperor Marcus Aurelius by his son, Comfortable.

7 well-known series that broke it thanks to its cliffhangers

But Maximus, who has lost everything, including his wife and son, is not willing to allow Commodus’ reign to be long.

From the bottom up, he will rise to become the most cheered gladiator in Rome, one who will go so far as to challenge the emperor.

lost in translation

Sofia Coppola got into Bill Murray and Scarlett Johanson on a plane and sent them to Tokyo on vacation.

Well, they also filmed lost in translationa singular film where boredom in a foreign country where neither of them wants to be, is the genesis of an unorthodox romance.

bourne saga

If the Mission Impossible saga is too little for you, SkyShowtime also offers you another series of high-calibre thrillers.

Follow Jason Bourne throughout his franchise and find out what the conspiracy is against Matt Damon’s character.

Jurassic Park

It was a revolution in its day and continues to make its fans fall in love after 30 years. Steven Spielberg gave us one of the best stories of Michael Crichton Made movie: Jurassic Park.

Two paleontologists are invited to a remote Costa Rican island to evaluate a one-of-a-kind theme park.

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john hammond He has spared no expense and has created a kind of zoo where the species that live there… are dinosaurs!

But all the power of the place will go to waste due to the greed of a few, which will end up putting lives in danger and unleashing chaos in the park.

pulp fiction

Quentin Tarantino is also not missing from the SkyShowtime party with one of his most representative films: Pulp Fiction.

Whether you’re interested in Biblical quotes, intense dancing or chatting for hours over burgers, Pulp Fiction is a film that every moviegoer must see in a lifetime, and SkyShowtime makes it easy for you.

gru my favorite villain

In the absence of Shrekwhich will arrive in the future but is not yet fully available, we highlight gru my favorite villain Inside the SkyShowtime Animation Cinema.

We also have movies like minions either Kung Fu PandaDreamworks is flying the streaming flag with determination.

schindler’s list

Spielberg again, but that’s the good thing about having agreements between Universal and Amblin. Schindler’s List shrank the hearts of the world in the 1990s.

Liam Neeson Gets into the skin of the German businessman who, despite being a member of the Nazi Party, saved hundreds of Jews during the Holocaust.

Movies that were about to be directed by Steven Spielberg

A harrowing account of SS atrocities during World War II, with a Ralph Fiennes huge like Amon Goeth.

Again, a SkyShowtime movie not to be missed, with a great director and performances that will take your breath away.

School of Rock

After this drama, one of laughter with Jack Blackdon’t you think? School of Rock It covers that need well.

Lack of cash leads Dewey Finn to take an unwanted job as a music teacher, but a young guitar prodigy in his class may be the key to his eluding fortune.

The wolf of Wall Street

And speaking of fortunes, becoming the king of the stock market is a good way to amass obscene amounts of money.

Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio They are the two mainstays of the story based on real events of The Wolf of Wall Street, a film for which it does not seem that 10 years have passed.

The game

Do you like movies where nothing is as it seems? A more personal choice than the others is The gamewith michael douglas to the orders of David Fincher.

A millionaire who has everything in life receives a peculiar gift from his brother (Sean Penn), who enrolls him in an organization that creates unlikely experiences for the member.

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Everything in Nicholas Van Orton’s life falls apart overnight, his life is torn apart and he doesn’t know how it happened.

These are just some of the great movies that we can find in the SkyShowtime catalogue. The new streaming platform has a lot of content on its menus, so don’t hesitate to investigate.

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