Slanted eyes or hooded lids: how to create each to enhance the look

Does the fallen eyelid also bring you on the path of bitterness? If you’re here it’s because you’re being affected

inclined form On the face, either with a hooded eyelid or a slanted eye. These are two very common conditions that are easy enough to hide or correct with makeup.

We’ve listed some tricks that lift lashes and we’ve also listed beauty treatments and touch-ups, but the best thing you can do is learn how to use

shadow and outline To help you revitalize your look. And today we have brought you a complete guide on how to do it.

hooded eyelid

The hooded eyelid is a common condition, as it can be seen as a natural appearance of the eye, but also over time. And as you know, collagen and elastin production declines as we get older, which means

excessively loose and less firm skin, And one of the areas where this is most reflected is in the look and it’s the eyelid drop that we want to talk about.

In short, the hooded eyelid or eye is the one that has everything

the skin of the fixed eyelid lies over the movable eyelid, making it little visible or completely covered. And well-known faces like Emma Stone or Jennifer Lawrence have it.

Jennifer Lawrence has a mask over her eyes. ,


And how to make it? It is necessary to create a new depth, because in this type of eyes it is not the face, it is the skin. and you have to do it with a

darkening optical illusion The area where there should be a fold between the movable and fixed eyelids. And to get to ten, the best thing you can do is to mix that dark with a lower eyelid liner, that is, shade the cat eye.

Of course, if you’re going to apply eyeliner, remember that it’s important to start drawing from the middle of the lash outward. If not, make sure that it is very thin and that the initial part of the mobile eyelid is free. Finally, apply

lots of mascara And the publisher in tears. As an additional tip, we remind you that the makeup that best hides the hooded eyelid is the smokey eye.

slanting eye

On the other hand, slanting eye is also related to loss of firmness in the skin, but mainly it is the case

natural facial lines, This may or may not happen with the hooded eyelid and is more due to the physiognomy of our face.

This case is identified by assessing the condition of the end of our eye on the basis of onset. I mean yes

the end of the eye lies below the lacrimal, Our eyelids are down. A way to look that brings sadness and can also be hidden with makeup.

Katie Holmes’s eyelids are down. ,


The first tip is easy, all you have to do is darken the corner of the eye in the last third with a darker shade. On the other hand, regarding the outline, make sure that it is thick on the outside. better selection? A

cat eye Quite clear on top, perfect for achieving that inverted form effect. And of course, it’s also a good idea to wear lots of mascara.

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