Slap in Biden: Supreme Court rejects vaccination obligation for staff of large companies

Cold shower for US President Joe Biden regarding mandatory vaccination. The US Supreme Court has indeed rejected today the reform, introduced by an administrative act by the White House, for which the employees of the big companies, that is, those with more than 100 employees, were required to undergo the anti-Covid vaccination or, alternatively, to undergo weekly diagnostic tests. The verdict of the highest federal court was issued after an internal vote in which the convictions of conservative judges prevailed to the detriment of those of liberal robots.

The White House ruling on which the Court ruled today concerned more than 80 million people, employees of big companies nationals, and aimed to multiply anti-Covid vaccinations in the country, where more than 840 thousand people have died from the virus and where only 37 percent of citizens are vaccinated with a third dose. According to the judges, the dem-led administration does not have the power to impose vacinal obligations administratively and without the authorization of Congress.

The court’s decision that the federal government cannot limit the fundamental freedoms of individuals in the absence of explicit parliamentary authorization immediately triggered the exultation of the governors of the twenty-seven republican-led US states who had opposed the provision of emergency. Biden, on the contrary, accepted today’s verdict showing great bitterness and stating: “I’m very disappointed from the decision of the Supreme Court to block common sense and life protection measures for employees of large companies“.

Despite the rejection decreed to the detriment of the vaccination obligation for the staff of large companies, the White House can still rejoice that the Court, with another decision adopted almost simultaneously, has given the definitive green light to the vaccination obligation for most of the health workers, while providing for exemptions based on specific medical and religious reasons.

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