slimming properties | The Superfood With Analgesic Properties That Will Help You Lose Weight

The Superfood With Analgesic Properties That Will Help You Lose Weight

still unknown to many but becoming increasingly integrated in our Diet For its many advantages. Ginger is the root of a flowering plant that belongs to the Zingiberaceae family, just like turmeric or cardamom. It has a pungent taste and aroma, With intense sourness and refreshing touch.

It is a plant widely used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. It is native to Southeast Asia, although it is now common to be found anywhere in the world. In fact, the main producers are not only Asian countries (China, India, Nepal or Bangladesh), but also other countries such as Jamaica.

He Ginger can be taken in several ways: Fresh, dried, powdered… It is used mainly in the culinary arts, but also in the world of cosmetics. This is because it has a huge number of health benefits, thanks first of all to one of its most important constituents: gingerol. Gingerol is an essential oil that gives ginger its pungent flavor and is the active compound responsible for most of its medicinal properties. In addition, it contains many other nutrients, being raw it is rich in minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium or phosphorus and some vitamins such as C, B2, B3 and B6.

We find you through Dospharma experts The main properties of ginger that make it so popular in cuisines and products around the world.

1. Anti-inflammatory. Like drugs like ibuprofen, gingerol inhibits the production of post-staglandins, substances that trigger an inflammatory response in the body. Because of this, it can be useful in dealing with menstrual pain or intestinal inflammation.

2. Antioxidants. Ginger is rich in antioxidants, molecules that prevent damage to cells. For this reason, it is widely used in the cosmetics industry, as it helps slow down aging and reduce cell damage.

3. Antibacterial. It favors the elimination of infectious microorganisms such as E.coli bacteria, staphylococci or salmonella. In addition, it is also effective against bacteria that appear in the mouth and cause diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis.

4. Fight halitosis. Again, gingerol is key, as it stimulates an enzyme in saliva that helps break down foul-smelling substances. This improves the smell of breath. You can get it by grating some ginger and adding it to water.

5. Pain reliever. Gingerol has an analgesic effect, which makes it useful for fighting migraines and headaches. Furthermore, it reduces the symptoms of some diseases, such as osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis, which appears when the cartilage that surrounds the bones of the joints wears down, causing stiffness and pain.

6. Helps with nausea and motion sickness. Gingerol is a spicy substance that stimulates the flow of saliva and the secretion of gastric juices. It works against gas or nausea in the stomach and intestine. Therefore, people who suffer from motion sickness, that is, who get dizzy while traveling, can benefit from it. On the other hand, there is no consensus on its consumption to get relief from nausea in pregnant women, so it is always advised to consult a doctor first.

7. Anticoagulants. Platelets are the cells that stop bleeding. They do this by forming a clot in the bleeding area, which blocks the passage of blood while the wound is repairing. However, these clots can be dangerous if they form inside a blood vessel, as they can block blood flow to the rest of the body. Ginger slows down this process of blood clotting.

8. Promotes expectoration of phlegm. It has properties that fight congestion and many cold symptoms (cough, phlegm…).

9. Helps in lowering the blood sugar level. Recent studies suggest that it increases insulin levels and helps lower blood sugar levels. Although more research is needed to confirm this conclusion, it is important that diabetics always check with their doctor before consuming ginger frequently.

Although it has been observed that ginger contains a lot of benefits On some occasions its consumption can be counterproductive for our body. Therefore, if you are pregnant, suffering from high blood pressure, taking blood-thinning medications, have gastritis or irritable bowel syndrome, or are diabetic, it is best to consult an expert before consuming it.

How to Preserve Ginger

If it’s fresh, it’s best to keep it in the fridge unwrapped in absorbent kitchen paper and in a sealed bag, out of which we get all the air out, it can last for months! If it is dry, it can be stored in a dry and dark place, and it will be good for up to six months. And it can also be frozen, better to cut it into pieces and put it in a freezer-safe bag. Its refreshing and spicy flavor goes well with almost all types of dishes.

how to consume ginger

Fresh is always better than powdered, as it contains more gingerols. Here are the healthiest ways to incorporate it into your life:

  • – In infusion. The most famous way of consuming it is ginger tea. All you have to do is boil some pieces in a saucepan of water for about fifteen minutes, let it rest and add lemon juice to taste. There are also many types of ginger extracts that are sold already ready to consume, in which it is flavored with citrus fruits such as lemon or sweetened with honey. Experts recommend drinking one to two cups of ginger tea daily.

  • – to season. It can be the perfect finishing touch to any meat dish, whether grated or powdered. For fish, the combination of ginger with lemon will provide additional freshness and piquancy.

  • In salads and soups. It can also be added raw or grated to salads as another ingredient. Or use it to make a nice condiment (for example, a simple mixture of soy sauce, water, and liquefied ginger would work great on a salad). Of course it can also be used in soups. A very simple recipe, but at the same time nutritious and tasty, is a simple onion, carrot and ginger broth.

  • Roasted with vegetables. Almost any vegetable that we make on the grill can be roasted with a little grated ginger and you can add some sesame seeds and a little soy sauce and sesame oil to give it a more oriental touch. It pairs perfectly with broccoli and carrots.

  • Capsules. They can also be taken in capsules, which is ideal for those who want to strengthen their immune system, reduce feelings of dizziness and nausea, and contribute to proper bowel function. In addition, it is very useful in cases of fatigue.

Ginger and Skin

With regard to its cosmetic uses, gingerols present in it have antioxidant properties, which prevent the accelerated degradation of collagen and protect our skin from free radicals, which lead to longer aging and the appearance of dreaded wrinkles Are. Therefore it is highly recommended to apply it on the skin as a mask or use gels, creams and shampoos containing ginger.

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