slow decline in weekly cases (-6.5%), stable hospitalizations

For the second consecutive week, Gimbe notes a slight reduction in new weekly cases, which amounted to 438,751 against 469,479 the previous week, but these data are conditioned by very heterogeneous regional and local situations. In the week
6-12 April in fact, there was a percentage increase in new cases in 6 Regions (from + 2.9% in Emilia-Romagna to + 27.4% in Valle D’Aosta) and a reduction in 15 (from -0, 8% of Lombardy to -20.1% of Basilicata).

As regards hospitalizations, the occupancy of beds in the medical area remained stable with -39 (10,207 against 10,246) and in intensive care with -8 (from 471 to 463). The deaths in the last 7 days are back below one thousand: 929 (61 of these referring to previous periods) with an average of 133 per day compared to 150 in the previous week (when there were 1,049).

The currently positive are 1,228,745 against 1,274,388 of the previous week while people in home isolation 1,218,075 compared to 1,263,671 of the survey of the previous period.

As far as vaccines are concerned, the number of new vaccinates is still decreasing: 8,501 compared to 9,668 in the previous week (-12.1%). As of April 13, 85.6% of the population (50.742.940 people) had received at least one dose of vaccine (+8.359 compared to the previous week) and 84.1% (49.808.870) had completed the vaccination course ( +30.133). Covers with at least one dose range from 99.4% of the over 80s to 37.6% of the 5-11 range. However, 6.9 million people remain who have not received even a dose of the vaccine: of these, 2.65 million are temporarily protected as they have recovered from Covid-19 for less than 180 days, but about 4.25 million are currently vaccinated. of Italians.


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