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New year, new ideas: the renewal plan for each year. As in all disciplines, from kinesiology, they think about how to offer new and useful tools and strategies to patients so that they can improve their quality of life. By the Lic. in Kinesiology and Physiatry Nicolás Righelato.

Thinking about the exercise scheme used the previous year is a good start for those who had it. Outlining it on paper or on the PC could be helpful. In this way, for example, aerobic activity can be organized twice a week for one hour a day, walks, jogs. Exercise in the gym twice a week for one hour a day, anaerobic with weight and strengthening. HIIT-type cardiovascular training, once a week for half an hour.

From there, a new scheme can be proposed to avoid the organism getting used to it and avoiding the boredom that can sometimes disturb the objectives.

Thus, with the proposed scheme, reorganize it, see the possibility of changing the days of the walk or jog for the days of the gym, or it can also be interspersed with aerobic activity with hiit, thus adding time to our training.

Also, add times to activities. For those that used an hour, add fifteen minutes. For half-hours, add five minutes. You can also add repetitions in the series of exercises that are practiced on the mat. Or if you take walks in a square and usually twenty laps in an hour, you can try to do twenty-one laps. Another important aspect is to incorporate new activities according to the season, such as aquatic activities (swimming, rowing, aqua-gym).

You can even add activities that you practiced throughout your life and that for various reasons you stopped doing, such as some sport or riding a bicycle. The main idea is to reprogram, avoid habituation and evolve.

Also visualizing the objectives achieved that had to do with the return to activity has many benefits: greater performance when doing exercises as in daily life, improving the quality of sleep, optimizing the mood in interpersonal relationships, as well as in social relations, stabilizing conditions caused by diseases that are exacerbated by a sedentary lifestyle. It is important to propose the support of activities as the main tool for quality of life.

Finally, the factors of this time of year that have to do with high temperatures and exposure to the sun must be considered. So keep in mind when exercising the least risky hours for health, avoid exposing yourself to solar radiation between 11 am and 4 pm.

Also know that, during the high temperatures of this time of year, the body eliminates more water than normal to balance body temperatures, for this reason you have to drink more liquid than at other times.

It is recommended to hydrate prior to the activity with at least half a liter and after it with a liter to avoid dehydration. Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages. It inhibits the release of vasopressin, a hormone that acts at the renal level to promote fluid retention. For this reason, alcohol predisposes diuresis, excess urine that leads to dehydration.
NdR: Article published in the Educational Material of Icarus Centro de Salud & Longevidad, January 2023

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