Smart working from Robinson Crusoe’s island: Lenovo’s initiative

Working on a pristine island with your computer, contributing to the well-being of the local community. It seems like everyone’s dream smartworker that with the pandemic they found themselves having to change their working habits. And, instead, it’s the idea of Work for Humankind, the initiative launched by Lenovo that invites volunteers from all over the world to telework directly from one of the most famous places in the world, told by Daniel Defoe: Robinson Crusoe Island (located more than 640 kilometers west of Mainland Chile). The idea is not to live like Tom Hanks in Cast away, but to actively contribute to the well-being of the local community while working with some of the most advanced technologies.

Lenovo’s initiative

Even if it is one of the most ecologically rich places on the planet, “the island today faces many challenges in an ever-changing world, including access to education and health care, habitat degradation and the impact of species invasive, ”reveals Lenovo. The local community, the international nonprofit Island Conservation and the Chilean government have launched a series of community-led projects over the past decade to address these issues. However, these same efforts have often been hampered by challenges in the field of telecommunications and technology. “Despite this, the island community is committed to the protection of its natural and cultural heritage. And it intends to achieve sustainability objectives independently, satisfying food and energy needs and the conservation of its natural and cultural heritage “.

Working from Robinson Crusoe Island

Thanks to the project Work for Humankind Volunteers selected on the basis of a range of skills, backgrounds and specializations will spend a period on Robinson Crusoe Island to help prevent the extinction of endangered species and support the local community on its path to sustainability. But they will also be able to continue doing their work remotely. This will be possible through a series of recovery projects, in collaboration with Island Conservation and the entire community, to foster positive change in the life of Robinson Island, such as the development of connectivity solutions necessary for the infrastructure of the ‘Island.

In fact, Lenovo is creating a cutting-edge technology hub with a range of technology devices, services and solutions from the company’s Intelligent Devices Group, including high-speed Internet connectivity. This will help the island achieve its goals: equipping volunteers with the tools to do their work remotely, while volunteering to support conservation projects in this wildlife and cultural diversity paradise. “Lenovo aims to generate sustainable and lasting value over time that the community can rely on to support the goals even after the voluntary project is completed, which includes the development of an infrastructure to increase Internet bandwidth to at least 10 Mbps. To this end, a fund will be established that will allow the maintenance of the community hub and support for community projects, ”the company added.

“We are delighted to partner with Lenovo and welcome volunteers from around the world to our island. We are excited to get started and to see the positive impact volunteers can bring to our community, biodiversity and ecosystems on Robinson Crusoe Island, ”he added. Pablo Manríquez Angulo, Mayor of Robinson Crusoe Island.

The hybrid desire of Millennials and Gen Z

Supporting this initiative is a new survey from Lenovo that reveals the growing importance of remote and hybrid working for Gen Z and Millennials. The study, in fact, highlights the strong desire for flexibility, according to the benefits for individuals and society in general. Including: financial savings, more time for friends and family, and a better work-life balance.

With more than 15,000 people surveyed in 10 different markets, the study finds that globally i knowledge worker, especially the younger workforce, are willing to change their daily environments and carry out work activities from a remote destination, while making a contribution to the community in which they find themselves. As many as 70% of Gen Z and Millennial respondents say they would rather work longer hours from a remote dream location of their choice than go to the office every day.

The data reveals that more of three-quarters of Gen Z and Millennial respondents feel more productive, creative and inspired when working remotely. In addition, the mentality of the younger workforce emerges about their willingness to contribute in making a positive difference, regardless of where they work, as 86% of Gen Z respondents stress the importance of drawing attention to environmental issues. and social and support the local community in which they work.

“People increasingly recognize the importance of doing good and the role of technology as an enabling factor, as a consequence of the impact that the pandemic has had on our lives but also the growing interest in sustainability issues,” he said. Emily Ketchen, Vice President and CMO Intelligent Devices Group at Lenovo.

How to become a volunteer

Those interested in becoming one of the lucky volunteers who will have the opportunity to support this project from Robinson Crusoe Island, while doing their job remotely, can submit their application by December 30, 2021 on the dedicated website:

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