So Brescia relaunched the video of 16-year-old Angelina Jolie


«I made my debut a sixteen-year-old Angelina Jolie in the video of “High tide” by Antonello Venditti».

Hands up who, among those who attended the show on Saturday night Roby Porters and Tactical Nuclear Penguins from Palazzo Facchi to Brescia, he did not run to recover the images of that “minifilm” of Stefano Salvati, director of the clip, who spoke at the event from the historic residence in the center of our city as the creator and director of IMAGinACTION, the International Videoclip Festival (produced by Raffaella Tommasi), in which the facebook live took place.

Brescia, thus, has contributed to the multimedia relaunch of a video which, with a retrospective look, has made history. Salvati, a Bolognese filmmaker born in 1968, who in his career has also signed works of fiction, documentaries, commercials and theatrical performances, debuted with Venditti In this world of thieves»). In his career he then shot for Sugar &Luciano Pavarottimiserere») and Andrea BocelliWith you I will leave»), StingFreak the Mighty») and Vasco RossiThe shots above», «Stupid hotel», «Good or bad», «At any cost»), Gino Paoli, Renato Zero, Richard Cocciante, Francis Guccini (the famous «The poisoned“) and many others, including ours Francis RengaI’m already fine»).

At the time, in the early nineties, he was very active in Los Angeles and right in his hometown of Angelina Jolie he met the then model destined for a bright cinematic future. He immediately sensed the ability to pierce the screen, but to hit him were also somatic traits that could have been assimilated to those of a Mediterranean beauty, suitable for a clip of a tricolor artist (as far as «Alta tide” was the cover of “Don’t Dream It’s Over” by the Australian Crowded House, led by Neil Finn). After all, Angelina dreamed of Italy and would have liked to come and live here. Maybe it would have really happened, if Salvati had not discarded it in 1995 at the casting of the 883 film, “freeing” her for the American production that would later act as a springboard to Hollywood. So what? “If she had come she would have done the Tissue and married a footballer”, the director jokes today.

As regards: IMAGinACTION, the festival itself will take place in August in Forlì. Brescia was the second stage of approach (after the one in Turin, in the Mole Antonelliana, with Noemi and Willie Peyote). The set in the historic Brescian residence was set up on the technical side by Diego Spagnoli, the Brescian “stage manager” of Vasco Rossi, and the call in the Lioness of Italy of artists home in Bergamo was made, also, in the name of the common title of Italian Capital of Culture in 2023.

After the introduction with Stefano Salvati, the first to take the scene were the Tactical Nuclear Penguins (in reduced formation for reasons of distancing), which, urged by the journalist Paolo Giordano, have gone back and forth in time to the sound of anecdotes, seasoned by a medley of early pieces (such as “The Flight”) and from more recent successes (“Scooby Doo”).

Roby Porters instead he chose an atypical narrative: the passionate and romantic story of the early Pooh years, in the late 60s and early 70s. A decisive era for what came after, even on a global scale. The finale saw PTN and Facchinetti arm in arm, who in his young fellow citizens has rediscovered the spirit of the same Pooh, with the dragging notes of “Little Katy”, sung behind the scenes also by insiders.
For those who could not attend the live broadcast, the recording of the evening is still available online (see above).