So Captain Marvel drives at full speed towards electrification

Aboard the new Nissan Ariya, actress Brie Larson -known worldwide for her role as Captain Marvel- stars in Nissan’s new audiovisual production. Next we will tell you in detail.

nissan brings news: its new Ariya model, and the gradual electrification of its entire fleet. These are the two big bets of the Asian automaker.

In this case Brie Larson stars in the brand’s new commercial, which flaunts its electrification: “Electric cars for electric drivers”. Under that motto and with a Captain Marvel driving at high speed and, at the same time, having relaxed fun.

The japanese manufacturer has had its sights on the North American market for several years, understands that the electricity market there grows year after year. And someone, Nissan thinks, has to sell them those cars..

So they chose an American actress, currently renowned and visible for her work with Marvel. Brie Larson has the personality you need nissan: a young woman in her 30s looking carefree in her zero carbon electric.

Let’s see what the new Nissan Ariya is all about. This is an SUV that is located in the C segment, presented by nissan in 2020. This is the electric model that the Japanese brand wants to establish as an emblem of its modernization. It has two battery sizes, 87 kWh and 63 kWh. The approved autonomy with the largest battery is 500 kilometers. Not bad, to tell the truth.

It is worth clarifying that it has 4×2 and 4×4 versions, a fact that is not a detail since it offers “waist” to this new model, trying to attract customers from both markets. The top speed of this Nissan Ariya is 200 km/h, and its 0-100 km/h mark is 5.7 seconds.

Here is the Nissan commercial starring Brie Larson:

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