so she defended her bridesmaid look

Kendall Jenner left fans breathless a few months ago with a sensual revealing dress featuring cut-out cuts across the bust and abdomen. Today she was criticized by followers because it emerged that she had flaunted it at a friend’s wedding: this is how she silenced the controversy.

Kendall Jenner she is not only the highest paid model in the world, just like the Kardashian-Jenner sisters she is also the queen of provocations and always knows what to do to leave fans speechless. Some time ago she had amazed everyone with a truly daring total black look, featuring a bodycon dress with revealing cut-outs on both the breast and abdomen. The detail that emerged recently is that she had chosen the sexy outfit for her friend’s wedding Lauren Perez, on the occasion of which he had held the role of witness. Web users did not hesitate to lash out at her, calling the dress “too much” for a ceremony: this is what the top model’s reaction was.

The criticisms of web users

The ultra cut-out black dress by Kendall Jenner is obviously designer, it is part of the Mônot Spring / Summer 2022 collection and is perfectly in trend compared to the fashions launched on the catwalk by the most famous Maison in the world. The only small “drawback” is that it did not convince social media users, especially because it was shown off during a wedding, the occasion for which, by convention, a precise bon-ton dress code must be respected. “Inappropriate”, “Embarrassing”, are just some of the adjectives used by “right-thinking” people to describe the model’s look.

Kendall Jenner’s answer

Tired of the senseless criticism, Kendall decided to intervene personally on the matter by commenting on the post of her friend Lauren Perez. His words were simply “Of course, I asked for his approval in advance“, which was also confirmed by the best friend, who did not hesitate to define the dress of the top as” stunning “. In short, the time has come to say goodbye to formal dress codes and leave the guests free to wear what they like best Why can a bridesmaid be considered glamorous only if she is sporting one of the classic long, princely, sequined dresses?

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