So we can remove the background of all the photos we want on the iPhone with the press of a button

The Photos app receives several new features and capabilities with the arrival of iOS 16. One of them is the ability to remove the background from photos, another is the ability to edit hundreds of photos in batches. And if we combine both? Then we can remove the background of all the photos that we want with the press of a button.

By default, the Photos app only allows us to remove the background from one image, not several. Thus, we have to use a little inventiveness to achieve our goal. Fortunately, the Photos app is not the only one with the ability to remove backgroundsa fact that we can rely on to eliminate the background of photos in batches.

Hundreds of backgroundless photos in a second

Removing the background of more than one photo on our iPhone or iPad requires a combination of the Photos app and the Files app. The steps are simple, although you have to take a few. Specifically, the following:

  1. We open the app Photos on our iPhone or iPad.
  2. we touch the button Select and we mark those photos that interest us.
  3. We touch the share button and choose Save to Files.
  4. We choose the folder —the Desktop may be a good idea— and we touch Keep.
  5. We open the app Records on our iPhone or iPad.
  6. We locate the folder where we have saved the images.
  7. We touch the button in the form of three dots and choose Select on the iPhone or directly the button Select on the iPad.
  8. We select the photos we just saved.
  9. We touch the button in the form of three dots on the iPhone or the button Plus on the iPad.
  10. we choose remove background.

Ok, now we can remove the original photos from the Files app and, if we wish, select the new ones with the steps we have just seen and, after touching the share button, choose Save X images to return them to the Photos app.

Thanks to the fact that in the Files app we can remove the background from multiple images simultaneously, the process is greatly simplified. Of course we can continue to do it manually in the Photos app where it will be easier if we are talking about three or four imagesbut if we talk about many more, being able to do it in batches will always be preferable.

iOS 16: main features, how to download it and compatible models

If we add to this the possibility of editing multiple photos also with a few touches, it is clear that iOS 16 opens the doors to batch actions with our images. Something to keep in mind to avoid continuous repetitive actions. Better to edit, modify or remove the background of all our photos at once.

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