So you can copy the paragraphs of a document or book from the camera of an Android device

The applications that are installed by default on mobile devices with an Android operating system can offer different benefits to users.

Likewise, these types of applications are not so well known, since several users, when starting the phone for the first time, the first thing they do is the respective uninstallation of the platform, which is why those who can be great allies go unnoticed.

For example, there is a apps that allows you to copy any text, whether books, notebooks, documents, among many others in a readable way through the Android phone camera.

On more than one occasion, several users have wanted to transcribe a fragment of a physical text, be it from any subject to a Word documentwith the purpose of saving time in transcribing it, since this method can be stressful and exhausting.

In this order of ideas, the Google Lens application, which is part of Android from the beginning, can clearly identify if the text or any other object is focused, since the camera captures a tree, animal, monument , you can drop data and detailed information.

For example, there is an app that allows you to copy any text, be it from books, notebooks, documents, among many others, in a legible way through the Android phone’s camera. – Photo: Getty Images

How to copy the paragraphs of a document or book?

  • Open the Google app.
  • Click on the camera icon.
  • Immediately afterwards, Google Lens will be activated.
  • Select the ‘Text’ section.
  • The notice “Photograph words to copy them” will appear.
  • Take the photo.
  • Press the option ‘Select all’ and then ‘Copy text’.
  • Finally, paste the selected text on any platform, social network or Word document.

When is it convenient to turn off or restart the cell phone?

Normally, many people get desperate when the cell phone slows down or crashes for some reason, and the first thing they do is abruptly turn off the device.

As such, this practice helps the mobile restore many of its current functions to boot again without previous problems or with better performance, to later be able to look for a deeper solution to problems with RAM memory or full storage.

WhatsApp user receives an unpleasant message.
This practice helps the mobile restore many of its current functions to boot again without previous problems or with better performance. – Photo: Getty Images

Now, it is important to mention the difference between restarting a device and turning it off. The central point to differentiate the two options is that when restarting the mobile it does not turn off completely, but remains at a midpoint between on and off so that the device boots quickly. For this to happen, the device suspends some functions and when it is turned on again there are open programs or actions that continue to run normally.

Meanwhile, restarting the phone is functional for some cases, but to improve performance it is not very useful because what is needed is for the device to start from scratch in all aspects. Thus, The best option is to turn it off, only that one of the disadvantages of this is that everything will be closed, applications or processes that may be developing on the cell phone.

The operation of a mobile depends on the processor and RAM memory, which has the characteristic of storing processes, but once the power source is removed, that is, the cell phone is turned off, it starts again from scratch. This is the key, because if the error that is causing poor performance and operation of the device is in an incomplete process or corrupt data is being stored, turning off the cell phone will cause the RAM memory to do the same and start a new process when turning it on.

To this is also added that the origin of the poor performance is an application that is running incorrectly. When turning off the cell phone, the device will finish the process; however, by keeping it on you can check for options such as deleting the app, updating it, or performing a performance test.

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