Social storm for Chris Pratt, elected “Worst Chris of America!” because of its political orientation


Chris Pratt at the center of the storm for his political color, the Americans are not there and decide to delete him from the web: “You are a fan of Trump, we do not want you”

The US presidential elections are near, on November 3 the American people will go to the polls to vote for the new one President of the United States. The most talked about candidates are Donald Trump and Joe Biden that through debates have split America in two.

Many actors have spoken out on political color, a striking example is certainly Chris Evans which, after his “Accident”, he invited all Americans to go to the polls to vote. The support of Chris Evans and for Joe Biden which many times he has supported on several occasions and even quoted several tweets from Donald Trump in which he railed against him.


But here we talk about another Super-Chris and it’s not Chris Hemsworth but he is Pratt.

Chris Pratt recently found himself in the middle of a media storm for the his silence. Its political color has not been expressed but many users have guessed that favors for Trump thanks also to his faith in Christianity and for being a member of a church that it does not support the LGBT community.

Robert Downey Jr. intervened on his instagram profile taking the defense of his friend and colleague Chris Pratt who received a shower of insults on all his profiles “What a world… the sinless who throw stones at my brother, Chris Pratt. A true Christian who lives by right principles has always shown gratitude and positivity. And he married a woman, whose family has always given space to talk about civilization. If you have any problems with Chris, I recommend that you unsubscribe from social networks and sit down with the list of your faults, work on them and celebrate your humanity “ wrote the actor who for over ten years has lent the face to Iron Man, expressing all his solidarity with the colleague.

Chris Pratt he did not reply to these “accusations” and preferred to remain silent once again.

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