Socialit: Gerard Piqu, unleashed after breaking up with Shakira: “He spends indecent amounts on parties”

Socialite revealed last Saturday the initials of the woman who would be having an affair with Gerard Pique, with the letters CM The young woman claimed not to know him at all. But if the debauchery that Piqu experiences when she goes out partying has been revealed.

In this way, as a reporter from the space that leads Mary Courtyard Saturdays and Sundays from 1:30 p.m. Telecinco, Gerard Pique would have coincided several times with the girl who would be his new illusion in ‘The Naughty’a nightclub in Barcelona frequented by celebrities where the aforementioned young woman would have worked until last February and where the two would have seen each other on more than one occasion.

The journalist from ‘socialite’ has explained that Gerard Pique came by taxi to ‘The Naughty’ and entered and left the room through a side door located on a street with hardly any traffic and that once inside it, the ex of Shakira He was going to a private room where he met his new illusion.

‘socialite’ has also reproduced statements by Luciana Guschmermodel and ‘influencer’ born in Guayaquil and based in Barcelona, ​​who has revealed what the parties with models she attends are like Gerard Pique in the company of other Barcelona footballers. Mobile phones were prohibited in them because, as he recounted, “there were many players who misbehaved, who were there with models and who were married“.

From 2,000 euros and up each night

Finally, a reporter from the television program Mediaset has spoken with Jordi Martina paparazzi that follows Gerard Pique for Barcelona. “About Pique’s parties, let’s see… I’ve been following Piqu for 12 years and he’s well known in Barcelona, ​​the parties he throws… But they emphasize to me that Lately he’s totally out of date, he’s going out a lot to party with his partner Riqui Puig. He is spending indecent amounts of money at the ‘Bling Bling’ nightclub and at the ‘Patrn’ restaurant and from what they tell me until the wee hours of the morning“, he pointed out.

Mary Courtyardfrom Madrid, has asked Jordi Martin how much money can be spent Gerard Pique on a night out. “It varies according to the day, but from what they tell me, a minimum of 2,000 euros each day, from 2,000 euros and up, but of course, those amounts for Gerard Piqu are ridiculous”, the Catalan paparazzi has responded to the presenter of ‘socialite’.

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