Soda Stereo and Gustavo Cerati win their first Latin Grammy

soda stereo Was present at one of the most important awards ceremonies of the American continent: the latin grammy, also known as latin grammy awardsThe event recognizes musical artists in several categories, such as:

  • Recording of the year.
  • Song of the year.
  • album of the year.
  • album of Cumbia/Vallenato.
  • Song rock.
  • the creator of the year.

Among many others, this year the Argentine band received the award for “musical excellence”, which is located in the Special Awards category.

stereo soda in concert

“We started as three kids who wanted to have fun. We worked a lot, we dedicated our lives to it, nothing beats it. So I’m very grateful to the people who were around because they had to endure all that,” he said. Zeta BossioThe band’s bassist.

Furthermore, he also acknowledged that this recognition was unexpected, and expressed his gratitude towards those who continue to support him even after so many years.

At the end, bossio Referred to an absence that marked the band’s evening in particular and the last 13 years in general: “gustavo Tonight we need him more than ever because he was our voice, the talent that carried us forward, the one that made the songs speak. It is actually a veil that covers us and does not go with us wherever we go.”

What is soda stereo?

In the early 80’s, Gustavo Cerati – barely 22 years old – and Hector “Zeta” Bosio – 23 years old – began to form the idea of ​​forming a group. punk rock taking as reference Police And Treatment, It was officially formed after a few years. The members of Soda Stereo were:

  • gustavo cerati In voice and guitar.
  • “Zeta” Bossio Downhearted.
  • charlie alberti on battery.
soda stereo gustavo cerati

In 1983, Lalo Mir aired a demo of the band on its 9pm program radio del plata, Slowly but surely, the band gained more fame. Horacio Martínez, a historical rock producer and ‘talent scout’ in Argentina, came to a show, heard them and took them under his wing in 1984. CBS to record.

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Between crazy hairstyles and eyeliner, concerts and recognition, double and triple platinum albums, a recital 9th July And a name change, soda stereo They eventually became one of the best-loved bands in the country, and undoubtedly one of the bands that charted the most overseas.

What happened to Gustavo Cerati?

gustavo cerati was the singer and leader of soda stereo, On 15 May 2010, he was Cerebrovascular accident (CVA) After a concert in Caracas, Venezuela, On the first day after the stroke, Cerati talked to his head, watched television and ate. But that same night he suffered a decompression that forced him to restart the process that would eventually kill his brain.

After spending four years in a coma, Argentina finally Died due to respiratory arrest On 4 September 2014. His death saddened the entire continent.

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However medical reports and official statements have provided guidance on Cerati’s health following the stroke. Details of cause of accident And his death is still completely out of the public’s hands. To date, Cerati’s doctors and family have kept most of these details private.


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