Sofía Castro appears unrecognizable and worries her fans

Sophia Castro She has stood out for her incomparable beauty that she inherited from her mother, Angelica Rivera, with whom she also shares some features that make them look almost identical. In addition, she has shown the talent and charisma that she has to be in front of cameras.

The actress could not go unnoticed in her public reappearance at the awards Latin American Music Awards, causing a stir by looking completely different, which sparked various rumors about aesthetic arrangements.

In addition to walking the red carpet at the celebration, where she looked amazing in a pink outfit and very glamorous makeup, Sofia was also in charge of delivering a statuette to Grupo Firme, monopolizing the eyes of the spectators who did not hesitate to express their concern on social networks.

Sofía Castro appears and looks unrecognizable

According to netizens, Sofía Castro would have done some aesthetic fix, but the daughter of the producer ‘Güero Castro’ shared in her Instagram stories that it was all about the makeup you used for the gala, because first he appeared with his face washed and then with his spectacular transformation.

However, the comments did not stop there, as social network users highlighted that She looked extremely thin a fact for which his more than one million followers expressed their concern and concern for his physical and emotional health.

Although Angélica Rivera’s daughter has not denied that she suffers from an eating disorder, through her social networks He has stated that he is completely fine. and that he follows a healthy diet that he accompanies with exercise routines, which is why he sports that enviable physique.

Angélica Rivera unleashes rumors of cosmetic surgeries

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