Sofía Garza is about to become a mother and shows an advanced pregnancy

The protagonist of ‘Blind Date’ also revealed the name of her first baby

By: Erik Solis

Instagram: @chofagarza

Sofía Garza is expecting her first child with her husband Alfonso Algara.

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Sofía Garza is an actress who is in one of the most beautiful stages of her life as she enjoys her pregnancy to receive her first baby, who she already knows what she will name.

Through her Instagram account, the protagonist of the telenovela

‘Blind Date’

He shared some photos of how he enjoys waiting for Olivia, the name he plans to give his little girl.

“While my body changes, I wait for you impatiently. I already speak to you in diminutive and I have nicknames for you. Your name appears everywhere. OLIVIA,” she expressed.


In this tender wait, Sofía hinted that her daughter will be strong, due to the comment she made in her publication: “For now, I will go looking for the fut club near the house, because your kicks in my ribs predict a scoring champion.”

During this season, the television star received a surprise Baby Shower party in which her loved ones were present.

“Thank you for making me feel so loved. Olivia has the best aunts in the world and she will grow up with the best example of beautiful women! ”, She counted.

Professional life

One of the most tender moments of his career was when he performed in concert and was able to enjoy his two passions at the same time, his professional success with the staff.

“My smile reveals everything. Singing to my fat beautiful for the first time, “she said.

This is how Olivia will become the first daughter of Sofía Garza and her husband Alfonso Algara.

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