Sofia Vergara defends Heidi Klum against rumors that she goes on extreme diets to take care of her weight

Like a faithful friend, Sofia Vergara He did not hesitate to come to the defense of his colleague and fellow adventurer on the show. America’s Got Talent Heidi KlumOn which she has reportedly been told to follow an extreme diet to take care of her figure.

spoke to a colombian businesswoman terry crew In an interview on Entertainment Tonight he said that it is unlikely that the supermodel only eats 900 calories a day because they both share food when they work together.

“It’s not true because you come into my dressing room and eat my stuff, (like) my sandwiches and stuff,” Vergara told her fellow judge.

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Crews then added, “I think (she eats Vergara’s food)” while Klum called such claims “beyond crazy.”

“I hate it when people lie like that because especially, you know, there are a lot of people who follow or read it and say, ‘Oh, she does that, so now I just Going to eat 900 calories,'” Klum continued.

Furthermore, he clarified that he wanted to be the first to speak out on the issue to protect his fans from putting their health at risk.

“When it comes to other people’s health, I feel like I have to intervene and say, ‘Wait a minute,'” she explained. “I don’t even worry about myself; I worry about everyone who reads this potentially losing a lot of weight. Because 900 calories is crazy! It’ll be like a toothpick.”

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“I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever had to count calories in my life and not believe everything you read,” she said in a video shared to her Instagram Story last Tuesday. “So, I don’t count my calories.”

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