Sofia Vergara is enjoying the summer after her divorce

sofia vergara The actors are having an extremely busy and musical summer after ending their 7-year marriage Joe Manganiello filed for divorce. since enjoying the ‘Renaissance World Tour’ of beyoncé ‘America’s Got Talent’ contestants’ incredible acts from the judges’ table reveal Sophia is enjoying the single life, until shocked.

This Tuesday, after the third night of America’s Got Talent’s qualifying round, the actress spoke to ET about how the past few weeks of her life have been and how good life has been for her.

The interviewer started by asking what an incredible time she had at Beyoncé’s concert at Sophie Stadium in Los Angeles last weekend. Vergara commented, “Everyone could learn a thing or two from Beyoncé.” I mean, she was awesome! What a show!”

“Her daughter, her songs, her wardrobe, her body. Literally, everything”, the Colombian continued to praise what happened at the ‘Queen B’ concert, and made reference to the participation of the interpreter’s daughter, blue Ivy CarterWhich went viral after she was seen dancing on stage during her mother’s show and ‘Black Parade’ was heard in the stadium.

After the couple split, and there was also talk of custody of the dog shared by Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello, the actress was seen enjoying the separation shows and concerts on his return from Italy, where he spent a beautiful holiday to celebrate his 51st birthday.

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“(We see Carroll G.), and before Karol ji we saw Taylor Swift, I don’t think I’ve ever been to so many concerts.” Sofia replied to the comment, saying she’s having a great time this summer.

When asked if it was because she wanted to listen to good music, Vergara replied, “I don’t know, I’ve been very lucky. You know, people ask me out trying to have a good time. So I have gone to all the places where I have been invited.”

Sofia also mentioned that if she had to give some advice to herself, as a young model who was about to follow the path that has led her to stardom, it would be to follow her instincts and said that “really I never have anything to lose”.

A few days ago, in the middle of the AGT program, Sofia Vergara got help from the comedian Howie Mandel, Your New Cupid, which took advantage of a ventriloquist’s presentation to clarify that the Colombian “is on the market.”

Mandel assured: “I have one more piece of advice for you: If you are looking for eligible singles, you should talk to Sofia because she is on the market now,” to which Sofia responded with glee.

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