Sofia Vergara sings and dances to “Amargura” for her ex-husband: The Colombian wore a “revenge dress” at the Karol G concert in Los Angeles. people | Entertainment

A little more than a month has passed since the announcement of the divorce of Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello and everything indicates that the Barranquilla lady is coping with the process in the best possible way.

What’s more, the Modern Family actress and judge on the 18th season of America’s Got Talent was seen enjoying herself as part of “Tomorrow Will” at a concert by compatriot Karol G at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles on August 19. Was. Be Beautiful” tour.

La Bichota packed the stadium and among the 80,000 fans was Sofía Vergara, who did not hesitate to hum and dance to the tune of “Amarguara”, a song that some of her followers associate with her now ex-husband, However, the reason for the separation of the couple has not yet been revealed.

The truth about the divorce of Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello: “suffocated” in a marriage with a man who did not support her and felt “threatened” by the success of the actress

“The husband must be from your culture or else he is a failure”; “If the husband asks for a divorce because he parties and drinks too much, what a pity it is because life is only lived once and only once! If you don’t like the way it is, scratch it”; “Hahaha just music about a woman coming out of a relationship”; Some messages from Vergara fans are, “The next one that’s Latino like your sweetheart, pure fire”.

Sofia Vergara and her “revenge outfit” at the Karol G concert.

It was Sofía Vergara who shared a snippet of the video on her Instagram account, in which she looked ecstatic in a sexy black suit shaking her hips to Karol G’s beat, which was immediately picked up by media like RCN Radio. Classified as “The”. Revenge costume.”

“We love you Karol ji,” Barranquilera wrote beneath the few-second video, in which the actress can be seen wearing a low-cut black top with transparency under her bust, matched with some ripped black pants Is.

Her followers loved Sofia Vergara’s look, while the press associated her with the typical black suit that other celebrities have worn in the past after their breakups or separations.

In what sense RCN did A reference to the flashy dress that Shakira wore on the red carpet of the 2022 Cannes Film Festival when rumors of Gerard Piqué’s alleged infidelity were gaining momentum and shortly before the couple’s separation after 12 years of relationship was confirmed .

Interestingly, the “Shaq” dress was very similar to the one worn by Diana Spencer, also known as Diana de Gelles, in 1994 when she was asked by Carlos to accept his relationship with Camilla Parker. shortly after attended a charity event wearing a little black dress, Univision mentions.

Since then, the look has come to be known as the “revenge outfit,” and it’s a sign that women move on after a breakup, something that’s clearly associated with Sofia Vergara, who has been known to wear the same style for seven years. After the breakup of the year, he has been seen enjoying himself. Married to Joe Manganiello. (And)

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