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It all started with a conversation in the elevator, in the corner bar, in the town square. “Have you heard about the rise in the electricity bill?” The newspapers, the radio and television news spoke of a “new historical record” every 24 hours, and the forecast of the most expensive price of such and such at what time, to avoid by all means programming the washing machine or the heating in that bracket . The war in Ukraine and gas supplies from Russia and Algeria have enlightened many doctors in geopolitics and energy infrastructure. The more or less aggressive teleshopping, by marketers, finished drawing a new scenario.

Suddenly, the tariff schemes do not adapt to the consumption patterns that the citizen knew before the tsunami. A romp that, incidentally, has promoted the exponential increase in self-consumption facilities in Spanish homes. Many users are also unaware that there is a government aid plan to promote this type of facility, both in the individual self-consumption mode and in the shared mode.

However, small-scale solar self-consumption solutions are, in general, expensive (they require a high initial outlay), unprofitable (the amortization times are, on average, long) and limited to the availability of a roof or roof, and very dependent on their location. Not only in terms of the region (living in Almería is not the same as in Galicia), but also in terms of the existence of shadows or obstacles, or an inadequate inclination of the home. It is estimated that 70% of the population does not have a roof or roof of their exclusive property.

Sensitive to the possibility of democratizing solar energy in Spain, Solarpack has developed click&go, a remote solar self-consumption solution. What does it consist of? The client acquires some solar panels that should not be on their roof, but in a remote location, but optimal for the generation of solar energy. This allows you to generate your own energy and obtain tangible savings on your bill. This alternative makes prosumer (hybrid term between the words “producer” and “consumer”, adaptation of the English “prosumer”) to any electricity consumer in the Spanish market, in a simple way, and 100% digital.

Contracting the product is just as simple as contracting a conventional electricity supply service with any marketer on the market. In this case, click&go is managed through Solarpack Energy, fully on-line. The initial outlay required is not very high, and face-to-face visits are not required to define the installation project, greater profitability/savings and flexibility. Likewise, the investment in click&go is protected in the event of a change of home or supply point: the client can move their point of consumption, maintaining the location of their production. As in a telephone contract, for example.

This is how Solarpack click&go remote self-consumption works

The panels that supply the energy, in this first phase, are located in a solar park built and managed by Solarpack in Tejeda de Tiétar (Cáceres) recently connected to the national energy distribution network.

The client contracts a number of panels in these parks, which translates into a Generation Capacity Reserve. This gives you the right to all the energy produced by these panels, throughout their useful life (30 years).

The energy produced by the panels travels to the client’s location over the network. Thus, the electricity supply is always guaranteed and with 100% renewable energy.

In the event that the energy production of the panels contracted by the client is not sufficient to cover their consumption needs (for example, at night), Solarpack Energy manages the Guarantees of Origin of other renewable producers for this additional consumption. In the same way, when production exceeds consumption, the customer receives an economic benefit for the discharge of this surplus energy into the network.

It is advisable to contract the number of panels that best suits the volume of consumption of the client. To better adjust it, Solarparck click&go offers a free simulation tool that, after providing the electricity consumption data, calculates the optimal number of panels needed to maximize savings. From this initial simulation, the client will be able to change the number of panels, to configure their solution, adapting it even more to their consumption needs, investment capacity and expected savings.

To solve any type of doubt, the click&go website offers a complete and detailed list of the questions that users may have about the operation of the service, not only related to their contracting, but also to the life cycle and billing.

The energy produced by the panels travels to the client’s location over the network. Thus, the electricity supply is always guaranteed and with 100% renewable energy.

How does all this translate into savings?

From their first utility bill, the customer receives all the click&go savings, month after month. In the first place, the initial amount of the “investment for capacity reservation” is returned as the customer uses the energy generated by their panels. The value of this return is calculated on a daily basis, proportional to the duration of the contract. This constitutes a fixed savings on the bill.

From that moment on, Solarpack Energy contrasts, hour by hour, both the production and the client’s consumption. All “direct” consumption from the panels will be paid at the “generation cost”, which is a fixed and stable amount during the useful life of the panels.

Likewise, with the energy produced by the panels and not consumed instantly, the customer receives the economic benefit of the discharge to the network and that translates into additional savings, reducing the amount of their consumption from the network.

According to Solaprack, in an average Spanish home with an estimated annual consumption of 2,500 kWh and 4.4kW of contracted power, it would be enough to hire four panels from the Tejeda de Tiétar plant (Cáceres), to obtain an annual saving of 30% in its electricity bill.

Click&go is available for both homes and companies. In both cases, there is only one requirement: that the supply point is connected to the electrical network of mainland Spain. A truly innovative alternative to save on electricity bills.

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