Solos: Amazon Prime Tells Human Emotions with Anne Hathaway and Helen Mirren


THEl June 25 on Amazon Prime Video comes Solos, the anthological television series that is also a profound reflection on human emotions and how these can be transformed through bonds

June 25th is the date you have been waiting for Solos, the original Amazon Prime Video anthology TV series. An incredible tale with an Oscar-winning cast that aims to make you think. And move a little. With the likes of Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway and Helen Mirren, entertainment is guaranteed and promises extraordinary quality.

Solos: 7 episodes, 7 protagonists

Amazon Prime Video Originals has announced the new series Solos, arriving on June 25, 2021. Production is in the hands of David Weil, so if you liked it Hunters, again for Amazon, this series could be for you. Laura Lancaster is the executive producer, while Pixie Wespiser is the producer. Solos will also be Weil’s directorial debut, which will orchestrate 3 episodes. The other directors are Sam Taylor-Johnson, Zach Braff And Tiffany Johnson.

Solos it is a tale anthological: each episode tells the story of a different character united by the common thread of the monologue that digs into the depths of the soul. The search is that of a meaning for one’s loneliness, for one’s life. For their own ties or the absence of these which sometimes causes unbearable pain.

The protagonists are Anne Hathaway, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, Uzo Aduba (Orange is the New Black), Nicole Beharie, Anthony Mackie, Dan Stevens and Constance Wu.

The plot of the Solos series

7 characters, 7 episodes, 7 different ways of facing the difficulties and criticalities of life in all its facets. Solos tells the strange, beautiful, funny and poignant truths of what identifies us as human beings. Seemingly normal lives which, however, have very little of normal, since every existence is unique in its kind and is made up of happiness and drama.

The series is set in our present and future, and highlights the difficulty of loneliness, an emotion that each of us experiences in our own way. At different times in life, this comes and makes us feel like fish out of water. At the same time, however, the experience of loneliness unites us all, since sooner or later we come to live it. Even and despite the feeling of being alone and lost in the world, we inevitably end up being united, and therefore closer, thanks to human experience.

Solos it speaks of loneliness, yes, but also of how to live it and how to learn to respect it, honor it, derive well-being from it. Sadness is a natural part of life for which we cry and laugh, and even in the most desperate circumstances it is a fact that we cannot ignore. The TV series tells how these people have learned to survive theirs, sometimes with completely unexpected implications.


A few hints on the various episodes (without spoilers!)

The episode dedicated to Anne Hathaway will talk about Leah, a scientist who discovers how to travel in time. Nicole Beharie it is Nera, a pregnant woman who lives alone in the woods. Helen Mirren plays Peg, a lonely astronaut in space. Uzo Aduba instead she is Sasha, an independent woman accustomed to the solitary and unattached life. Constance Wu she will be an equally lonely woman who will have to deal with her past, paying for every single action committed in the past.

Anthony Mackie plays Tom, a man close to dying who buys a product that promises it won’t happen. Dan Stevens and Morgan Freeman they will be co-protagonists of an episode in which the latter will be suffering from Alzheimer’s. Dan Stevens will instead play a man with obscure motives to reverse the memory loss due to the disease, with a decidedly troubled past.

“I am delighted to have given birth to Solos”, Says David Weil,“ We ​​have assembled a group of artists that I deeply admire. I created this work with the desire to tell stories that speak of bonds, hope and the search for that common sense of humanity that unites everyone “.

Solos: a (not too much) dystopian future

Solos was shot between October and November 2020, in full of the global pandemic due to Covid-19. The series could therefore stand out for its ability to tell loneliness at a time when it is so real. The social distancing that we have experienced could bring us closer to each character in a unique way, binding us to it.

How, you ask? We answer you in all the ways that come to your mind: distance, nostalgia, isolation, confusion, bewilderment, doubt and anger. Each of these feelings, some more or less, experienced it during the forced closures.

The goal of Solos is to crystallize over time and never get old. Weil pointed to an argument capable of transcending time. Just like Black Mirror, each of the stories told could be placed in any historical period, while maintaining a profound meaning.

Prepare the handkerchiefs and let yourself be carried away in the tales of Solos. But there is no going back.


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