‘Solos’, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren and Anne Hathaway in the Amazon TV series


Amazon puts together a stellar cast for a new one anthological TV series dramatic, “Solos”. David Well he will be producer and showrunner, tasked with handling Oscar-winning names Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren and Anne Hathaway, Emmy winner Uzo Aduba, Anthoy Mackie, Nicole Beharie, Dan Stevens and Constance Wu.


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Well said he was excited about this project, the episodes of which will be available in the course of 2021 on the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform. Here are his words: “I am very happy to be able to give life to ‘Solos’ with a group of artists that I deeply admire. I want to tell stories that speak of bonds, of the search for that common sense of humanity that unites us all “.

Solos, what do we know about the tv series

An anthological series that proposes a common theme, that of the rediscovery of depth of human bonds. All through seven different stories, whose narrative lines do not mix in any case. A dramatic series that aims to push the viewer to reflect deeply. Each episode will explore different meanings of the human experience. Each proposed story will have different times and points of view. At the end of this journey you will realize how we are all connected. It matters little that the paths of life are very different. Mankind is united by something profound and undeniable, which has been there since birth. Here is the thought that Well intends to convey through the series, which Amazon has emphasized that it can offer to the public in the course of 2021.


The showrunner is also one of the executive producers, along with Laura Lancaster and Sam Taylor-Johnson. The latter will also place himself behind the camera, directing two episodes. Space also for other prestigious directors such as Tiffany Johnson and Zach Braff. A new project for the former star of “Scrubs”, still loved by the public. He recently announced his participation in the reboot of “A Unleashed Dozen”, which will arrive on Disney +.

Here is the cast of the film:

  • Uzo Aduba: Sasha
  • Nicole Beharie: Black
  • Morgan Freeman: Stuart
  • Anne Hathaway: Leah
  • Anthony Mackie: Tom
  • Helen Mirren: Peg
  • Dan Stevens: Otto
  • Constance Wu: Jenny


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