Some Nintendo console games were recording audio and video without permission

The Japanese console allows you to change countries to take advantage of discounts in each region.
The Japanese console allows you to change countries to take advantage of discounts in each region.

Large vulnerabilities are affecting some of the main games of nintendoswitch and others consoles from the Japanese company 3DS Y Wii U. This is a bug that allows “full control” of devices.

In 2021, the vulnerability was identified with the name ENLBufferPwn; yesHowever, it didn’t really catch on until recently when Nintendo began quietly updating major affected titles.

How code was remotely executed on consoles

If you were unlucky, you only needed to play online with the attacker. It should be noted that, in combination with other vulnerabilities operating system, a hacker could gain complete access and control over a device infected.

This means that the attacker would have the ability to remotely take screenshots and audio, as well as steal confidential information from the device.

As of now, Nintendo has released patches for various affected Switch games. These are the cases of:

-Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

– Animal Crossing: New Horizons

-ARMS, Splatoon 2

-Splatoon 3

– Super Mario Maker 2

– Nintendo Switch Sports.

There is a particular case since Mario Kart 7 on 3DS was updated in recent weeks for the same reason. It is not a small thing considering that it was released more than 13 years ago and has not received a new update since 2012.

Super Mario Maker 2
Super Mario Maker 2

For many users of NintendoThere are still many doubts about this news, and for the moment the Japanese firm does not clarify. One of the questions is whether other games of nintendoswitch they may have encountered this bug in addition to games that have already been patched.

Or, on the other hand, if this vulnerability can reappear in the switches. So far, the Japanese have decided not to reveal details about it.

last and how recommendation From Infobae, if any reader has one of the aforementioned games on their console and has ignored the updates released in recent months, it is time to update it (or put them) immediately.

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Now you can find a friend’s code faster and easier

At the beginning of 2022, Nintendo updated its mobile app Switch Online for iOS Y Android to version 2.0. One of the improvements is that it provided an easier way to find and share the user code to a friend. Before this, you have to remember that the awkward 12-digit ID was used.

Instead of having to manually copy the code from the Switch console itself before sharing it with friends, the update allows the user to easily copy the code from the app with a single click.

How to see a friend’s code faster

1. Select the user icon in the menu ‘Beginning’ to open your user page.

nintendo switch.  (photo:
nintendo switch. (photo:

2. Select ‘Profile’ and then check the right side of the screen to find the friend code.

nintendo switch.  (photo:
nintendo switch. (photo:

How to change a friend’s code

1. Select the user icon on the menu ‘Beginning’ to open your user page.

2. Choose ‘User Settings’ and then select ‘Friend Settings’.

3. Select ‘Reissue friend code’.

nintendo switch.  (photo:
nintendo switch. (photo:

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