Some Samsung phones cannot update to the new version of Google Play

Google Play updates automatically on mobiles that have Android 10 or higher versions. This is something that has gone wrong in its latest update and it affects a number of Samsung phones. These mobiles have not been able to obtain the new version of the system, but continue with the previous one.

Failure in the Google Play update affects Samsung

This is a bug that originates from Google, it is not a bug from the Korean firm, but it prevents many users from receiving the most recent version.

Problem with update

An update to Google Play was released in July, which is not the most recent. However, many users with Samsung phones complain that their devices have never been updated to the latest one. They continue with that version of July. Many have received notification on occasion that it was going to update on mobile, but said update never took place.

In addition, for many users it has been even more strange, since the phone would even reboot to apply the changes, but once turned on again nothing had been installed. This also occurs when the notification to install the October or November version was received. In all cases they continue with the July version installed.

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This is a bug that affects Samsung models in all segments. From high-end like the Galaxy S21 and S22, to mid-range models like the Galaxy A53. Also, since the deployment of Android 13 and One UI 5 it seems that this bug has worsened even more. So surely we are still going to hear more about this annoying problem. Google should solve this problem soon.

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