Something has changed, the full review


If your Saturday night plans involve nothing other than a few hours of relaxation, no doubt you will be playing with the idea of ​​watching something good on television. Perfect! If you are interested in knowing what is there Tonight on TV, in the next lines you can find some information on a beautiful film, broadcast on Rai Movie at 11.00 pm. It is about Something is changed, a film that sees an extraordinary protagonist Jack Nicholson. In this article, you can find our review of the film.

The plot

Something is changed, film whose original title is As Good as It Gets, was released in theaters in 1997 with James L. Brooks. Film starring Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt – both awarded, in 1997, the Oscars for Best Actor and Best Actress – tells the story of Melvin, a misanthropic, homophobic and racist romance novelist.

His life – and his relationship with the world – begin to change when Melvin finds himself both having to look after his gay neighbor’s dog and sending his personal doctor to the home of Carol, a waitress at her favorite bar, who left work to follow her sick son.

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Initially intent on solving the boy’s health problems to allow Carol to return to work and for him to have a person on whom to pour his wickedness, Melvin he discovers that the woman, played by Hunt, has become very important to him.

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Jack Nicholson film
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The review


A quarter of a century has passed since this film was released in theaters and, today, the film still manages to speak, thanks to its almost perfect balance, to the hearts of millions of fans of the seventh art. When it comes to Something is changed, it is necessary to mention first of all the skill of Nicholson, who with this work brought home his third Oscar.

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There are obviously many other aspects that have made this film appreciated and not at all obvious. Among these it is possible to mention the balance between the Melvin’s obsessions, perfectly embodied by a Nicholson who, as is well known, arrived in front of Brooks’ camera far from fasting the interpretation of characters with a dark soul, and the redemption of man.

A peculiarity that makes this film unique is the role of Vernell, Simon’s little dog, gay painter and already mentioned neighbor of Melvin (to lend the face to this character we find the actor and presenter Greg Kinnear). As for the cute four-legged, one cannot fail to notice, from the first viewing of the film, that the trainers’ work was perfect.

Jack Nicholson Movie: Something Has Changed, the full review

The animal is almost humanized, not at all different from the other protagonists of the story. It is no coincidence that it is he, entrusted to Melvin while Simon is living a period of convalescence made even heavier by a financial meltdown, who helps the writer to make that switch that allows him to change and pronounce one of the sentences entered in the story of cinema, that is “You make me wanna be a better man“.

Film with a screenplay considered by many – both critics and fans – perfect, Something is changed is a film that is part of a decade characterized, from a cinematographic point of view, by various films in the name of feelings and above all sentimentality.

Brooks’ opera – who first directed Nicholson in the early 1980s in Longing for Tenderness, awarded in 1984 with the Oscar for Best Direction – stands out above all from the second point, giving the viewer a sincere cross-section of reality, not taken for granted and in some ways anticipating that inclusiveness which, today as today, is a value that it is essential to protect, to hand it over to future generations.


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