Something has changed the plot of the film tonight 17 September on Rai Movie

Something is changed

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Something changed the film with Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt on Friday 17 September on Rai Movie

Something is changed is the film chosen for the prime time of Rai Movie from Friday 17th September a modern classic of 1997 capable of obtaining 314 million dollars worldwide with extraordinary dialogues and the desire to always find the best side of each of us.

The protagonists Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt both won the Oscar and the Golden Globe (also won for best picture). The film is directed by James L. Brooks.

Something changed the plot of the film on Rai Movie tonight

Let’s find out the plot of Something is changed the Oscar-winning comedy revived by Rai Movie Friday 17th September.

Melvin is a romance writer who suffers from OCD and spends his time offending and mistreating others. Among those who have to suffer Melvin’s bad temper every day are Simon (Cuba Gooding Jr), a talented and established artist who lives in the building opposite with her little dog Verdell, and Carol, a single mother who works as a waitress in the restaurant. where the neurotic author goes to eat every day, literally driving her crazy with his manias. They will be the ones to help Melvin reach a compromise with himself and love.

The Cast

Below is the cast of the film

  • Jack Nicholson: Melvin Udall
  • Helen Hunt: Carol Connelly
  • Greg Kinnear: Simon Bishop
  • Cuba Gooding Jr .: Frank Sachs
  • Skeet Ulrich: Vincent Lopiano
  • Shirley Knight: Beverly Connelly
  • Yeardley Smith: Jackie Simpson
  • Lupe Ontiveros: Nora Manning
  • Bibi Osterwald: neighbor
  • Ross Bleckner: Carl
  • Brian Doyle-Murray: John, the neighbor
  • Missi Pyle: Waitress at Cafe 24
  • Shane Black: Brian, manager at Cafe 24
  • Peter Jacobson: Cafe 24, man at the table
  • Lisa Edelstein: Cafe 24, woman at the table
  • Jesse James: Spencer Connelly

Where can I find it in streaming

If you don’t want to turn on the TV, you arrived late, or you don’t have a television, Something is changed it is live streaming on Rai Play during broadcasting on Rai Movie, it is also present in the Netflix catalog and can be rented and / or purchased on Rakuten Tv, Apple Tv, Prime Video Store, Google Play / You Tube and Chili.

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