Songs from the new Rolling Stones album leaked

The titles of the new topics are:

  • Anger
  • cut my head off
  • depending on you
  • dreamy sky
  • driving me so hard
  • get close
  • live by the sword
  • mess it up
  • the morning sign
  • sweet sounds of heaven
  • tell me straight
  • the whole world

Significantly, many of the songs played in this album were recorded together. charlie wattsThe iconic drummer of the group who passed away in 2021. In addition, they will participate Bill Wymanoriginal bassist of the group, and even ex-Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Stars will also be seen.

In promotion of the album, earlier this week an advertisement for Hackney Diamonds, a purported team of diamond repair specialists, appeared in the UK’s “Hackney Gazette” newspaper. The ad includes the Stones’ tongue logo and text that reads: “Our friendly team promises you satisfaction. Shelter me when you say we’ll fix your broken windows”In an apparent reference to the band’s classics’‘Satisfaction’, ‘Shelter Me’ and ‘Shattered’.

Meanwhile, the album’s producer is Andrew Watt, who has worked with musicians such as Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, Post Malone and Ed Sheeran, as well as the legendary Elton John, Eddie Vedder, Ozzy Osbourne and Iggy Pop,

Watt won the award in the year 2021 Grammy for Producer of the Year, His association with the Stones makes it clear that the band is looking for a contemporary production for the new album.

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