songs riddled with darts at exes

There are a new musical genre that is in fashion, dedicate songs to ex and plague them with darts against him and his new partner. Shakira is not the only one who has taken advantage of a personal episode. The lives of celebrities are public, which makes it much more painful and difficult for everyone to know that there has been a divorce or separation. These magnified feelings need equally powerful performances. To bring certain dramas to light, nothing better than a song that lets out what they carry inside.

The songs riddled with darts at exes are the new musical genre that sweeps

Shakira has turned a song dedicated to her ex, Gerard Piqué and his new girlfriend, Clara Chía in one of his greatest hits. The Colombian singer has taken out a pencil and paper to write a song that has come from her heart. She has used words to bring out a pain that, like every woman whose relationship breaks, she must have.

End a relationship of more than 10 years with 2 children in common is just as painful for Shakira as for the rest of mortals. A process that the vast majority of the population can experience or has experienced, heartbreak is on the order of the day. To bring it to light, nothing better than a forceful letter.

Shakira’s songs are not the only ones that talk about her personal life. Other singers have used the same method to remove their bald spots and earn extra money. Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovatoare other artists who have used their art to talk about their private life in a song.

An extra morbid is added by everyone knowing who they are talking about, but also leaving the other person in a sticky situation. Telling certain intimacies or writing a verse with a pain that is carried inside can end up being what makes the difference in a difficult moment.

There’s so much anticipation for these songs that may end up becoming a new musical genre that accompanies the famous. Some extra income that comes with that lack of love and that perhaps helps to alleviate this pain a little better. With the current account overflowing with euros, love life takes a backseat.

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