‘Sonic 2’ is already the video game movie with the best opening in history

‘Sonic 2: The Movie’ has raised $71 million in its opening weekend at the US box office. A truly spectacular figure that makes it the video game movie with the best opening in the history of cinema. A record that, on the other hand, the original film had until now. That, in its first weekend of release, it grossed 58 million. However, the difference between the two films is much larger if we look at the international box office. In that case, the sequel has already raised 141 million dollars, while the original reached 70 million.

a great record

On the other hand, as indicated by Variety (via VGC), ‘Sonic 2: The Movie’ has exceeded the estimate they had made from Deadline, which was somewhere between $60 million and $65 million. Of course, the first reactions to this great record have not been long in coming. Without going further, David A. Gross, who runs the film consulting firm Franchise Entertainment Researchcommented the following: “This is an exceptional opening. With strong reviews and very good audience ratings, ‘Sonic’ will have a hot streak”.

'Sonic 2' is already the video game movie with the best opening in history, Zonared

If you are wondering to what extent it has been profitable the movie, you should know that ‘Sonic 2: The Movie’ is reportedly it cost around 90 million dollars, not including marketing expenses. Therefore, it is more than likely that with the current international collection, there are already benefits. Furthermore, it is very likely that the numbers continue to rise in the coming days.

In addition, we remind you that Paramount Pictures and Sega revealed in February that a third ‘Sonic’ movie, as well as a live-action TV series, were already in production. As if that were not enough, it was recently commented that ‘Sonic 2: The Movie’ would mark the beginning of a new cinematographic universe. You can read more about it in this other article. The series, by the way, will premiere next year 2023 on the Paramount+ streaming service.. And you? Have you already seen this sequel? What do you think about the original?

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