Sonic 2 the movie review

The first installment of Sonicreleased there in 2020 after a slight delay announced by Paramount in order to retouch Sega’s beloved blue hedgehog according to the demands of the public who already knew the character, it was a pleasant surprise for the mainstream. Unlike other movie products that function as video game adaptations, the Sonic movie didn’t try to recreate what was seen in the original titles (it would be quite a difficult task, on the other hand). Paramount took the elements that characterized the hedgehog, its universe, and I devised a story for all audiences that would fit the requirements of contemporary blockbusterriddled with references to other mythical films from popular culture (such as starwars) to try to find a place for Sonic within the current currents, which navigate between unbridled action cinema and the superhero genre.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

In today’s audiovisual language, a sequel is synonymous with excessive, excessive, gigantic or monumental. The second parts of the renowned franchises must be much bigger works than the original stories that they follow, and it is that the spectator that we can find in theaters at the moment is not surprised with little and the films have to be more enormous to serve as a lure and hook. sonic 2 the movieis just that: an extension of the first part that increases its cast of fantastic characters, takes the action to a new level and even makes the villain (Jim Carrey) into a much more destructive locomotive than we saw in 2020. Jeff Fowlerthe director behind both feature films, knows exactly what he is doing with Sonic and from minute one of the film the figure of the hedgehog is perceived as part of the cast of superstars that make up popcorn cinema.

The first installment felt like a simple adaptation that did not have to go any further, as has happened many times in the past with other video games that have made the leap to the big screen. However, with sonic 2 the movie it doesn’t feel the same. With a simple script and fast-paced action sequences that leave no respite for the little ones, Fowler and Paramount have already laid the foundations for a new film saga which of course has a great future ahead of it if the ingredients of the sequel remain fresh. It even introduces the same DNA of superhero movies so that its formulas connect with those seen in other successful films signed by Marvel Studiosfor example.

Sonic 2, the movie

In this way, we have a sonic 2 the movie with a very fast pace that also stomps. The universal concepts of the Sega game were already introduced in the first part and well above it. Like Matt Reeves’s The Batman, this film wastes no time delving into the past of the characters, the mythology or lore of the mystical objects shown, etc. The viewer already knows who Sonic is and, without playing the video games, can get an idea of ​​where Tails and Knuckles come from without much explanation. Fowler brings the two characters fully into the scene and they bond with the blue hedgehog wonderfully and without any problem. All orchestrated by a Jim Carrey who acts as a common thread although it may not seem so. It’s nice to see the protagonist of Compulsive Liar in such good shape, with the physical humor that characterized him in the nineties and with absurdity as a flag, finishing off with facial gestures that few actors could replicate.

Simple, fun and for the whole family

sonic 2 the movie it is also a fun designed for the whole family. Do not think that being a product taken from video games is exclusively for those who have played the original material (or who already know it in detail beforehand). Fowler, as we said, has managed to stretch the first installment well to start laying the foundations for a saga on celluloid and the sequel has its own personality, linked to references to other films and prominent characters (such as The Rock or Vin Diesel) and It has a charm that makes it perfect to watch with the little ones in the house, always without losing those hits of humor that make adults also be able to let out the occasional laugh. However, and here comes the first big drawback of Sonic 2, sometimes those family moments that sneak into the narrative weigh too much and make that dynamic and frenetic rhythm drop precipitously.


You understand what you are looking for and the message, with Sonic forming his new group of colleagues for future deliveries or spin-offs (because the money-making machine never knows where it is going to come out), but sometimes the north is lost and it is appreciated that Jim Carrey enters with his cannons and his dances so that the film returns to resume that funny tone that makes it so addictive.

The visual effects, meanwhile, are excellently achieved and few objections can be made in that regard. The red flashes of the new addition, Knuckles, combine with the blues of Sonic to offer a show of lights and electricity that works well with the environment. live action, something that is sometimes difficult because it is not easy to merge the digital with the real actors, and even less so in large action scenes where there are so many elements in motion. However, Fowler and his team they solved it with solvency And it doesn’t hurt your eyes at all.

It will leave you with a good taste in your mouth

In general, sonic 2 the movie It has a lot of the essence of video games in its scenarios, with scripts and easter eggs that will delight fans, but it is not a festival of references to them as it was Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City or Uncharted. The sequel to Sonic already has its own cinematographic universe and now you just have to build your independent story, with more characters, more locations and worlds and more mythology. A simple, direct work, without seeking to curl the loop and with the sole purpose of entertaining the general public, with a blue hedgehog closely linked to our current situation in terms of humor (and Jim Carrey is still the most if what we want is to see the actor return to his best interpretive stage).

What can you scratch then Sonic 2? Those drops of rhythm that you have at times with the familiar tone and what little they paint and practically all the “real” actors that in the first installment they served as a link to introduce Sonic and establish him on Earth. Perhaps its great sin is that it is somewhat forgettable, because beyond entertaining, as we said, it does not contribute much and its bases are those that we have already seen in a thousand and one current mainstream films that respond to cine-algorithm (as the critic says Alexander G. Calvo). But it is an adventure that goes well and makes you have a good time.

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