Sony could bring cloud gaming to streaming services and devices, patent suggests

A newly discovered patent suggests that Sony is toying with the idea of ​​bringing PlayStation cloud gaming to streaming services and devices. This isn’t a surprise considering the advancement in cloud gaming, as well as a previous data mine from the Netflix app that suggested DualSense integration of some kind.

PlayStation’s cloud gaming partnership with Netflix has been rumored for a while now

Back in 2021, when reports of Netflix delving into gaming first surfaced, internet sleuths combed through the streaming giant’s app and found footage of Ghost of Tsushima and the PS5 DualSense controller. Nothing came of it at the time, but the aforementioned patent discovered by VeryAli Gaming suggests that Sony hasn’t given up on the idea.

Published on December 29, 2022, the patent reads:

Methods and systems for processing video games transmitted from a cloud gaming system over a network are provided. The method includes receiving a video game selection indication, for a game session, through a user interface associated with a transmission device that is connected to a display screen through a transfer device. The method includes receiving a signal that the game session is active from game transmission logic of the transfer device.

It looks like we’ll eventually be able to play PlayStation games through services like Netflix or devices like the Fire TV Stick.

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